Baker Furnace Installs Quench Tank for Supplier in The Heat Treatment Industry

Brea, CA – June 25th, 2019 – Baker Furnace, a division of Thermal Product Solutions, announced the installation of a quench tank for a supplier in the heat treatment industry as part of their aftermarket services. The customer had two quench tanks and three drop bottom furnaces and needed the third quench tank in order to optimize quench loads per day.

The quench tank has three impellers capable of 27,000 GM on a 15,000-gallon tank. This style of agitation allows for thick, large castings to dissipate heat faster. The system runs on VFD’s, which allows for cost savings and the ability to adjust as needed when less agitation is required.

 “The customer had two existing quench tanks: one hot water and one cold water. Having only two tanks hindered quenching on all three drop bottoms, being that it takes 6 hours to heat or cool the tank. Adding the third, dedicated cool water tank, allows the customer to run two more loads per day, which is critical for a commercial heater.” – Sergio Luevano, General Manager

Baker Furnace took on all parts of the project, including the civil engineering, city permitting, and installation. During the installation, three crane rail tracks were extended. To do so, Baker Furnace had to break the concrete, reinforce the concrete to accept the crane rail, and reinstall the crane rail. There was limited space in the facility for the third quench tank; the hoist required a 24’ height and the building was 24’3”. With limited space and a low-profile quench tank design, the system was able to be installed.

Unique features of this hoist tank include:

  • Impellers
  • VFD on each impeller
  • Wireless remote to operate crane and quench tank

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