Bagger Vac Industrial Vacuums

At Latta, we constantly remind our clients that completely removing dust and dirt from their industrial shop has to be taken seriously. Of course, fine particles have a way of moving around, they're not real big on just landing in one place every time. So sometimes having a stationary vacuum system just isn't enough. If that's the case in your workspace, then you need Ruwac's powerful and portable Bagger Vac series.

The Bagger Vac series of vacuums features an ultra-rugged housing and enough suction to power an entire central vacuum system. Ruwac's exclusive direct bagging system allows for dust-free clean-up all while providing zero contact with contaminants. Unlike other systems, the Bagger Vac is compatible with any bag, so there's no need to waste money on expensive, custom sized bags.

The system also includes Ruwac's industry-leading MicroClean Filtration, which prevents premature clogging and once again saves you cash by eliminating the need for costly filter replacements. It's upgradeable to HEPA and ULPA filtration, comes in twelve different sizes and configurations, and like everything Ruwac sells, it's made in the USA.

To learn more about this outstanding line of portable and maintenance-free direct bagging system vacuums, please visit our website, or contact an expert at Latta today!

And remember, letting dust build up isn't just unpleasant, it's dangerous.


Mike Brown, President, Latta Equipment


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