Bag Dump Station features 3 in 1 design.

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Low-level bag tipping station incorporates high-capacity check screener that removes paper, string, and hazardous materials. Magnetic trap below sieve mesh catches ferrous particles smaller than mesh size. Station's dust hood, connecting to any dust extraction system, is integrated with sieve deck to provide dust-tight interface to maximize hygiene. Manufactured with stainless steel, product disassembles without tools and operates at typically less than 70 dBA.

Original Press Release:

3 in 1 Check-Screening and Bag Dump Station

The Russell 3 in 1 check-screening and bag dump station features a high-capacity check-screener, with dust hood and magnetic trap.

Designed for dust-free bag emptying and check screening of raw materials, the 3 in 1 screening station has been developed to help companies in processing industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

The low-level bag tipping station is manufactured in stainless steel and has a dust hood designed to connect with any existing dust extraction system. It is integrated with a sieve deck to provide a dust-tight interface to increase hygiene efficiency. An optional 'post box' can be installed, allowing operators to transfer empty bags to a sealed container or compactor to further reduce dust levels.

The high capacity screener removes contamination such as pieces of paper, string and possibly hazardous materials. Seated beneath the sieve mesh is a magnetic trap to catch ferrous particles which are smaller than the mesh size.  Standard or rare earth magnets are available.

The screener is easy to clean down between batches and product changes, and is quick to disassemble without the need for tools.  It is extremely quiet in operation, typically less than 70dBA.

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