Bag Compartment Cart Protects Low-Volume, High-Value Composite Aerospace Parts

An aerospace manufacturer, faced with the problem of protecting high-value composite parts during in-plant handling and delivery operations, came to Creform Corporation, Greer, SC, looking for a solution. They needed to protect these uniquely shaped, lightweight parts, keep them from nesting or tangling with each other and also have them easily identified and unloaded at various assembly points. These were low-volume parts, so the cost of developing custom material handing packaging was prohibitive.

Creform provided a solution by developing custom-compartmented bag carts that provide an economical and efficient way to protect and transport the odd shaped parts from warehouse and kitting areas to assembly points. The carts are designed and built using the Creform System of plastic coated steel pipe and metal joints, which allow them to be easily modified if required. The bags, made of industrial grade nylon for strength and durability, are sized to specific parts and components. They hang via sewn-in web loops from the top layer of pipe on the carts. The bags also have one side enclosed for safer transport requiring them to be loaded/unload from one side.

The cart shown has a 350 lb load capacity and measures 70" wide X 37" deep X 75" tall. It has a base reinforced with Creform pipe and six 6" diameter casters, four with brakes and two fixed for good directional control and maneuverability. The carts are easily modified to other sizes since they are constructed using the Creform pipe and joint system. The bags being custom constructed accommodate the various sizes of the composite parts and components.

The carts are meeting customer needs by protecting the high-value composite parts from part-to-part contact while providing a safe, secure method of delivering them from kitting and warehouse areas to production points in the plant. The bag enclosures also provide a degree of protection for airborne debris.

Creform offers these carts with custom sewn bags for other applications. For example, when operating in areas with airborne debris and dust, the bag compartments can be enclosed with drop down curtains. By modifying the caster arrangement and adding a hitch, the carts can be towed by an AGV or manned vehicle. The carts are available assembled or in kit form. A wide selection of pipe colors and types is available including ESD pipe for static sensitive products.

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