Backlights utilize single white LED.

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Ranging from 0.25-4.7 in. diagonal, Custom LED Backlights use 1 white LED to backlight color and monochrome LCD modules. MicroLens(TM) pixel-based light extraction technology enables units to offer brightness of 2,400 cd/m² at 20 mA for 1.5 in. diagonal with power consumption of 20 mA at 3.5 V. Applications include color micro displays used in electronic viewfinders, color LCDs in cell phones and MP3 players, and monochrome LCDs in test and measurement displays.

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Backlights From GLT Use Only One LED To Backlight Color and Monochrome LCDs

Brecksville, OH, May 23, 2005 - Global Lighting Technologies (GLT), Inc. offers a range of custom LED backlights that utilize only one white LED to backlight color and monochrome LCD modules in a range of sizes for a variety of applications.

GLT's single-LED backlights can be custom-designed in sizes from 0.25" diagonal to 4.7" diagonal, all using a single white LED.

The company's patented MicroLens(TM) pixel-based light extraction technology provides the most efficient utilization of today's LEDs, especially white LEDs, making it possible to offer fully integrated backlighting modules with high brightness (typically in the range of 2,400 cd/m2@20 mA for a 1.5" diagonal), crisper color, extreme thinness (to 0.60 mm), outstanding uniformity (approx. 80-85% on average), lower power consumption (typically 20 mA @3.5 V), and the obvious cost advantages of a smaller form factor with fewer components.

GLT designs and manufactures a range of custom single-LED backlights for applications ranging from color micro displays used in electronic viewfinders (EVFs) for digital cameras to color LCDs used in cell phones, MP3 players and other handheld devices to monochrome LCDs used in test & measurement displays such as digital thermostats.

GLT's three Far East production facilities make it possible for the company to offer these backlighting modules in production quantities with quick delivery, and the extensive design and engineering capabilities at its Brecksville, Ohio, headquarters offer customers full custom design, prototyping, test & measurement, and optical modeling/simulation.

"For most applications, we provide a total backlight solution with LED, films, flex circuit or PCS, and, of course, our patented MicroLens(TM) light guide," said David DeAgazio, GLT's Director of Sales Worldwide.

Pricing for GLT's single-LED backlights ranges from $1.20 each for 1.5" diagonal backlights used in color cell phone displays to $1.75 each for backlights used in a monochrome digital thermostat display. For details, contact Global Lighting Technologies with your application.

For more information, contact Global Lighting Technologies, Inc., 525 Andrews Circle, Brecksville, OH 44141. Tel: 440-922-4584; Toll-Free: 866-922-4584; Fax: 440-922-4585. E-mail: Web:

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