Backlighting Unit illuminates gauge glass for over 10 yr.

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Available in 120 and 240 Vac versions, EPL-100 Flat Glass LED Illuminator for transparent level gauges provides illumination of process level and maintenance-free bulbs. Redundant array of LED lights, approximately every ½ in., ensure that multiple bulbs are available for even distribution of light. Product is FM approved for use in hazardous environments and enables coverage of up to 4 gauge sections.

Original Press Release:

Jerguson® Introduces New 10 Year Illuminator for Gage Glass

Jerguson®, manufactured by the Clark-Reliance® Corporation, introduces a new Flat Glass LED Illuminator backlighting unit for transparent level gages that provides brilliant illumination of the process level and a maintenance-free bulb life of over 10 years. The impact on plant safety and reliability is immediate. Economically, the EPL-100 LED Illuminator pays for itself in less than two years through maintenance and electricity savings. The design of the new Jerguson® EPL-100 LED illuminator is superior to its predecessors because it is the only illuminator available that does not depend on a single light source. Its design features a redundant array of LED lights approximately every 1/2 inch to ensure that multiple bulbs are available for a bright, even distribution of light. The new Jerguson® EPL-100 also surpasses the length limitations of current "wedge or fiberoptic" type illuminators that cover a maximum of two sections or three sections respectively. The introduction of the EPL-100 enables coverage of up to four gage sections and allows the use of a single illuminator and power supply for the majority of level gage applications, saving both time and money on instillation. The EPL-100 is available in 120 and 240 VAC options and is FM Approved for use in hazardous environments. Jerguson®, manufactured by Clark-Reliance® Corporation, provides the world's largest selection of liquid level traditional glass and magnetic type gages. Clark-Reliance is a multi-divisional corporation consisting of Anderson® Separators, HYCOA, Jacoby-Tarbox®, Jerguson®, Magne-Sonics®, National Filtration Systems®, and Reliance®. For more information, call (440) 572-1500, visit, or write to: 16633 Industrial Parkway - Strongsville, Ohio 44149.

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