Back-Up Alarm alerts truck drivers to obstructions, incidents.

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Designed for large trucks and haulers, wireless and commercial-grade RVS-114 makes roads safer for commercial and passenger vehicles. Mounted to rear of vehicle, 4 sensors monitor events occurring at rear of vehicle. Sensors connect to control box, connected from outside/inside via wireless technology, to display placed on front of vehicle. Visual and audible warnings alert drivers of any and all hazards that may exist behind their vehicle and eliminates blind spots.

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Rear View Safety Proudly Debuts RVS-114 Sensor System

Rear View Safety, one of the industry's leading consumer safety organizations, is incredibly proud to announce the release of the RVS-114. It is the first wireless commercial grade sensor system available on the market and aims to make the roads significantly safer for both commercial and passenger vehicles alike.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- The RVS-114 has many different features that work together to make it the most convenient wireless sensor system on the market today. For starters, it is a commercial grade system that is designed for both large trucks and haulers. It aims to offer an additional level of safety by way of four different sensors that are mounted to the rear of the vehicle, all of which keep the driver informed at all times about exactly what is going on behind them. The sensors connect to a control box, which itself connects via wireless technology to a display that is placed on the front of the vehicle. When the system is in operation, it both visually and audibly warns drivers of any and all hazards that may exist behind their vehicle. This benefits both commercial drivers that no longer have to worry about unexpected situations cropping up behind them and passenger vehicles that no longer have to worry about accidentally traveling into the "blind spot" of a commercial grade vehicle while on the road.

Another one of the features that help make RVS-114 not only the first backup sensor system of its kind but also the highest quality is the weatherproof control box and high quality construction. The control box itself is in a waterproof encasing, meaning that it can be mounted on either the inside or the outside of the vehicle depending on the driver's preferences.

Rear View Safety is no stranger to the world of safety enhancing products for drivers of all types. The company recently introduced GoVue, the first back up camera smartphone app for the popular iOS and Android operating systems. The GoVue application is natively compatible with many of today's most popular back up camera systems including the RVS-020813. Once the smartphone and camera system are connected via a short-range Wi-Fi network, audio and video information from the rear of the vehicle is transmitted to the smartphone in real time. This eliminates the need for a primary monitor to be installed into the dashboard of the vehicle in question. The GoVue back up camera app for iOS and Android devices is currently available for free download in the Google Play Store, the iTunes App Store. To find out more information about the RVS-114 or about Rear View Safety in general, please visit the company's official website at


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