AXION Sells 100% Recycled STRUXURE® Heavy Construction Mats to North American Distributor Spartan Mat, LLC

NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J. – AXION International Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: AXIH), a leader in recycled plastic and plastic composite technologies used to produce ECOTRAX® rail ties/sleepers and STRUXURE® building products, today announced that is has received a $150,000 purchase order for its 100% Recycled STRUXURE® Heavy Construction Mats from Spartan Mat, LLC. The order consists of 7"x45"x16', 18' & 20' mats which will be distributed across the U.S. and Canada to midstream energy companies and civil contractors.

AXION's mats were chosen because they are ideal for temporary support surfaces under active heavy equipment with tracks/treads in wet conditions. STRUXURE® mats have the ability to maintain structural integrity in wet conditions and are estimated to last 5 times longer than hardwood alternatives.

"This is a significant milestone for AXION and the growth of our mat business after establishing distribution channels which will expand the awareness for all our recycled structural composite matting solutions," says AXION's EVP for Building Products Dave Crane. "In the short period that we have been at trial, we have established a fabricated solution and a distribution supply chain to deliver mats to the market and customers through various distributors."

Mr. Crane adds, "The industry currently uses mixed hardwood mats, but the quality of these products are deteriorating and prices are increasing with increasing activity across the construction industry. Energy and civil construction projects are on the rise and we are at a trajectory of growth given the demand for more environmentally friendly solutions. Additionally, more hardwood lumber is being used for decorative applications with the return of residential and commercial building, which is putting pressure on the supply for wood used in industrial applications. We are now poised for strong growth given that we have built a solid business case, designed an engineered solution which is in high demand, and we anticipate closing larger orders going forward."

"Spartan Mat, LLC is extremely pleased with its relationship with AXION in helping bring a much needed structural composite mat to the mat market where so many consumers would greatly benefit from these one-of-a-kind mats," comments Justin Thelin, founder of Spartan Mat, LLC.  "Any forward thinking mat consumer should take a very sincere look into what a STRUXURE® mat can do for them.  From longevity, strength in compression, environmental benefits, design values / structural properties, and dramatic freight savings from mat weight reduction without comprising strength, these mats are a great investment for almost all mat users.  Spartan Mat, LLC will continue to offer rentals and purchases of STRUXURE® composite mats to fill a much needed niche in the matting arena".

Spartan Mat LLC, based in Olive Branch, MS, produces and supplies crane mats and timber mats used for pipeline, wind farm, transmission and distribution lines. The Company provides strong, lasting-construction mats to locations and job sites.

STRUXURE® Heavy Construction Mats which are produced from 100% recycled material, are engineered using a patented Recycled Structural Composite (RSC) formula making them extremely strong, durable and resistant to rot, fungus, insects, and moisture. The AXION technology does not absorb or release any liquids and chemicals into the environment unlike wood. STRUXURE® mats are ideal in wet or harsh-temperature environments and are resistant to abrasion and tread-wear and are an excellent, cost-effective, long-term solution for industrial, energy, and civil construction projects.

About AXION International Holdings, Inc.

AXION (OTCQB: AXIH) is a vertically-integrated green technology company, and a leader in transforming waste plastics into structural building materials and value added reprocessed plastic resins. From the railroading industry to the military to global engineering firms, AXION delivers tested, proven and superior green solutions to infrastructure needs around the world. The Company's subsidiary, AXION Recycled Plastics Inc., recycles post-consumer and post-industrial plastics. Using these 100%-recycled consumer and industrial plastics, AXION develops, markets and sells its recycled structural composite products through its ECOTRAX® composite rail tie and STRUXURE® building material lines.

Axion, 520 Broadway Suite 350, #111, Santa Monica, CA 90401 United States

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