Aware Extends VDSL2 Interoperability Leadership at NXTcomm 2007

Features live demonstration of VDSL2 multi-vendor, multi-chipset interoperability

BEDFORD, Mass., June 14 / - Aware, Inc., a leading supplier of broadband technology, today announced that it will showcase multi-vendor, multi-chipset VDSL2 interoperability in its booth (#1858) at NXTcomm 2007, June 18-21, 2007 in Chicago. Attendees will see the industry's first true interoperability demonstration as Aware's StratiPHY3(TM) VDSL2 intellectual property platform publicly passes multi-profile interoperability with industry-leading VDSL2 DSLAM central office (CO) solutions. The demo will feature an Aware StratiPHY3-based customer premise equipment (CPE) platform interoperating with three different DSLAMs, each utilizing a VDSL2 chipset from a different supplier. Interoperability will be shown across multiple VDSL2 profiles, including 8a, 12a and 17a.

"Most VDSL2 trials and early deployments used chipsets which had 'partial-VDSL2-compliance' since they did not support all the features of the ITU VDSL2 standard. As a result, many service providers used central office and customer premises equipment from the same VDSL2 silicon supplier, often referred to as 'book-ended' deployments, to ensure that CO and CPE equipment would connect," commented Peter LeBlanc, Aware's vice president of marketing. "This left service providers with limited options for customer premises equipment, which has ultimately slowed deployment."

Aware has addressed this challenge that service providers face and solved the VDSL2 interoperability problem by using its unique development approach which allows its solutions to be interoperable with both installed partial-VDSL2-compliant and future VDSL2-compliant chipsets. Using equipment with Aware's technology, service providers can deploy future-proof customer premises solutions today which can interoperate with already deployed partially compliant VDSL2 DSLAMs as well as next-generation standard-compliant solutions.

"Achieving multi-vendor, multi-chipset interoperability is a significant industry milestone and a proof point that StratiPHY3 is the most interoperable solution on the market today," LeBlanc continued.

Last week, Aware also announced that PMC-Sierra has licensed Aware's StratiPHY3 technology for its VDSL2 residential gateway system on a chip (SoC) product. Aware's StratiPHY3 is a field-proven, high-performance DSL intellectual property platform which supports ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ as well as VDSL1 and VDSL2, and allows silicon providers to combine a complete standard-compliant, interoperable solution with the strength and diversity of their own CO or CPE product offerings.

Aware's VDSL2 interoperability demonstration, its line of StratiPHY(TM) platforms and its VDSL2 solutions will be featured in its booth at NXTcomm 2007 (#1858) from June 18-21, 2007 in Chicago. For more information on Aware or StratiPHY3 please visit Aware's website at

About Aware

Aware is a leading technology supplier for the telecommunications industries. For more than ten years, Aware has pioneered innovations at telecommunications standards-setting organizations and continues to develop and market DSL silicon intellectual property and test and diagnostics products. Its StratiPHY(TM) IP product line supports DSL standards, including ADSL2+ and VDSL2, and has been broadly licensed to leading semiconductor companies. Telecom equipment vendors and phone companies use Aware's DSL test and diagnostics modules and Dr. DSL® software to help provision DSL circuits globally. Aware is also a veteran of the biometrics industry, providing biometric and imaging software components used in government systems worldwide since 1992. Aware's interoperable, standard-compliant, field-proven imaging products are used in a number of applications, from border management to criminal justice to medical imaging. Aware is a publicly held company (NASDAQ:AWRE) based in Bedford, Massachusetts.

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