Aviation Partners, Inc. Announces High Mach Blended Winglets for the Falcon 2000 Series

SEATTLE, May 21 -- Aviation Partners and Dassault have been in collaboration over the past year to develop an all new High Mach Winglet. The new Blended Winglet boosts the Falcon 2000EX range by 5% at Mach .80. It will be available both in production and for retrofit in the 4th quarter of 07. The first candidates are the Falcon 2000EX and the 2000. The 900 and 50 will follow in 2008.

"Over the past 16 years Aviation Partners, and joint venture Aviation Partners Boeing, have Performance Enhanced over 1700 commercial and business aircraft, operating in over 40 countries on 6 continents, with revolutionary Blended Winglet Technology," says Aviation Partners CEO and Founder Joe Clark. "New High Mach Blended Winglet retrofit programs for the Falcon family of business jet extend performance and fuel savings benefits to a new level with the most significant impact for operators who routinely cruise at Mach .80 and above."

Aviation Partners anticipates retrofitting more than half the worldwide Falcon fleet with High Mach Blended Winglets says Clark. "Our goal is to Performance Enhance the majority of the existing Falcon 2000, 900 and 50 fleets. High Mach Blended Winglets will offer the same compelling performance and fuel savings advantages to Falcon owners that our current programs have achieved for operators of Gulfstream IISPs, Boeing Business Jets and Hawker 800SPs/800XP2s."

"The range increase certainly gives our customers more capability and more efficiency on longer trips and they will surely enjoy seeing their fuel consumption numbers drop," said John Rosanvallon, President and CEO of Dassault Falcon. "The Falcon 2000EX EASy was already the most fuel efficient large cabin business jet in the world. Thanks to the advanced blended winglet design from Aviation Partners, our fuel efficiency advantage over the competition will continue to grow with the Falcon 2000LX."

*Patent# 5348253

Source: Aviation Partners

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