Avenview Presents a Multi Display, Multi Image Video Wall Controller Featuring the Mura MPX Cards

Kenmore, N.Y. — Avenview, a leading manufacturer of video wall and digital signage processors, has partnered with Matrox® to develop a robust and innovative Video Wall control system.

The DVI-AVUWALL is a Chassis Based Video Wall Processor, which incorporates the Matrox Mura™ MPX Series output/input boards within the hardware design.

The adoption of the Mura MPX series cards helps Avenview provide a powerful, robust, sleek and easy to use solution that can be custom designed for each customer. The modular boards allow the system to be designed with up to 36 separate inputs and 36 outputs. The Avenview DVI-AVUWALL is an ideal compact solution capable of driving up to 36 displays. With maximizing performance and lower power consumption, the DVI-AVUWALL is a powerful, flexible and affordable multi-display system for configuring display walls and digital signage. The board design allows for video switching, signal conversion, scaling and de-interlacing from a single board, which eliminates the need for a separate device.

This all in one Video Wall control solution is accompanied with the VUWALL software for Windows; an intuitive and feature rich application that provides a video wall control system that is stable and ideal for control rooms, security, monitoring, and other mission critical environments. Digital signage and presentation systems that require stable, reliable video wall technology can also rely on the DVI-AVUWALL system.

The VUWALL software has multiple features which allow any video display or digital signage system to be created to achieve any specialized or custom output. Some of the multiple features include Layout Management, Window Management and Source Management features.

With these multiple features, users can control every aspect of their display wall, from size and location of each source, to controlling overlay, edge cropping, bezel compensation and more. These factors make the DVI-AVUWALL system the perfect flexible solution for any advanced digital signage or control room applications. Avenview works with each client to design and build a completely bespoke solution that will fulfill the requirements of each individual application.

Avenview has a long heritage of building functional Video Wall processors, and now has launched their flagship Video Wall controller with the DVI-AVUWALL series.

About Avenview: In today’s modern business and DOOH environment, multimedia displays, digital signage, video conferencing and other digital technologies are used in virtually every industry. As manufacturers of Video Wall Processors, Multiviewers, Splitters, Extenders, and more, Avenview’s mission is to provide high quality AV components and solutions equipment that organizations need to be on the cutting edge.

Through a continued dedication to providing clients with the best technologies and following up with excellent support and customer service, Avenview has made its mark in the Audio Video and Digital Signage industry. They are proud to have serviced this industry for more than 10 years, and remain committed to their mission.

Kenmore, NY based Avenview will be featuring this device in booth N3047 at InfoComm14 in Las Vegas. Stop by to see it in use, or contact info@avenview.com to request a demo appointment at the show.

Or, for more information on how Avenview Corp will help Control Your Video, visit www.avenview.com.

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Kathleen Crowley


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