Avaya and Extreme Networks Offer Enterprises New Capabilities to Securely Manage and Automatically Configure IP Communication Devices

Open Standards-Based Protocols Extend to IP Telephones, Switches and Other Intelligent Communication Devices Enabling More Efficient Operations and Lower Costs

LAS VEGAS, INTEROP, May 2 /-- Avaya Inc. (NYSE:AV) and Extreme Networks Inc. (NASDAQ:EXTR) are making it easier for businesses to deploy, configure and secure Internet Protocol (IP) phones, switches and other intelligent communication devices used on IP networks. By extending support of open standards to network endpoints, customers are able to securely use scalable, multivendor solutions for device discovery, device authentication, troubleshooting, and seamless and automated configuration of network switches and IP phones. This lowers operational costs and makes network management easier and more efficient.

Avaya and Extreme Networks® are enabling these new capabilities by broadening their commitment to three industry standards:

o IEEE 802.1AB, a specification that enables devices on a local area network to inform each other automatically about how they are
o the Telephone Industry Association (TIA)-1057, which enables media devices such as IP phones, media gateways and media servers to transmit and receive media-related information;
o the IEEE 802.1X secure authentication protocol, which protects
communications traveling on a converged voice and data network.

To provide customers with a deeper level of IP network control and customization, Extreme Networks is introducing its Universal Port that intelligently performs event-driven actions directly in the network switch. Universal Port works with IEEE 802.1AB and 802.1X authentication to provide customized policy and services deployment, pushed across the network to a connected device. The Universal Port auto-provisions ports within the network switch, based on user or device information.

Since the deployment of endpoints is managed automatically, businesses can ensure that each device on their network is properly configured and protected. As a result, Universal Port greatly simplifies both "green field" deployments and security policy enforcement for roaming users and devices.

"By simplifying the deployment of devices and further securing communication on a converged network, Avaya and Extreme Networks allow enterprises to more confidently adopt IP telephony -- taking advantage of the new Intelligent Communications applications it enables and unleashing powerful new possibilities for operating more efficiently and effectively," said Eric Rossman, vice president, developer relations and technical alliances, Avaya. "We give businesses the powerful management, network policy enforcement and security tools they need to scale IP networks safely and effectively, without worrying about proprietary protocols and unnecessary complexity and costs."

Extreme Networks' Universal Port specifically delivers VLAN and call server information to Avaya IP phones, configures the switch port to the voice VLAN, and applies the appropriate Quality of Service (QoS) level and the appropriate Access Control Lists (ACLs) for additional security. Universal Port also automates Power over Ethernet (PoE) power budgeting to meet the exact requirement of a connected device -- adding new levels of protection in the event of low power levels or outages.

To ensure secure voice communications with strong authentication, Avaya IP phones and Extreme Networks Ethernet switches use IEEE 802.1X technology to deliver secure access based on encrypted certificates. Upcoming releases of Avaya IP phones will support 802.1X with Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) to deliver device security across the network in place of passwords.

Through their support for 802.1X security, Extreme Networks enables Avaya IP phones and PCs connected to a phone data port to be authenticated separately, receive different port profiles for QoS and security policies, and communicate over different VLANs. This is accomplished with onboard security features on both the phones and Ethernet switches that help guarantee standards-based, enterprise-class secure network access control.

An added benefit of Avaya's support for IEEE 802.1AB is the ability to use "discovered" information such as device-type, software version and serial number for inventory management. This same capability also provides a structured workflow for problem diagnosis and root-cause analysis in case of user-reported communication issues. When an IT administrator sees discovery protocol packets, they indicate that the phone is operational, the cable is intact and Layer 2 traffic is functioning.

Avaya and Extreme also have researched protocol extensions for submission to standards bodies that will allow network equipment to request power conservation mode from a communication device, should the PoE power budget be unavailable.

"Extreme Networks products simplify the migration to secure and converged networks by delivering deeper levels of insight and control in our network switches," said Suresh Gopalakrishnan, vice president of marketing for Extreme Networks. "Working with our partner Avaya, we provide customers with a powerful yet easily deployed network and IP telephony solution that now features enhancements utilizing the latest standards and strong authentication security."

Extreme Networks is an Avaya alliance partner and a Strategic member of the Avaya DeveloperConnection program -- an initiative to develop, market and sell innovative third-party products that interoperate with Avaya technology and extend the value of a company's investment in its network.


Avaya Inc. designs, builds and manages communications networks for more than one million businesses worldwide, including over 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500®. Focused on businesses large to small, Avaya is a world leader in secure and reliable Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems and communications software applications and services.

Driving the convergence of voice and data communications with business applications -- and distinguished by comprehensive worldwide services -- Avaya helps customers leverage existing and new networks to achieve superior business results. For more information visit the Avaya website: www.avaya.com.

Extreme Networks, Inc.

Extreme Networks is a leader in open converged networks. Its innovative network architecture provides Enterprises and Metro Service Providers with network resiliency, adaptability and simplicity required for a true a converged network that can support voice, video and data, over a wired and wireless infrastructure, while delivering high-performance and integrated security features. For more information, please visit www.extremenetworks.com

Source: Extreme Networks, Inc.

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