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Autonomy Module is compatible with AEODRS 1.4 SAE JAUS specs.

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Autonomy Module is compatible with AEODRS 1.4 SAE JAUS specs.

Aug 20, 2014 - Designed to IP67 specifications, with integrated EMI and EFI protection, and temperature operating range of -20 to 140°F, UxAB™ Module is built to operate in challenging environments where unmanned ground vehicles are deployed. Module combines GPS waypoint navigation, multi-joint manipulator control (with self-collision avoidance), retrotraverse, return-to-comms, and optional obstacle avoidance behaviors. It is available with full autonomy suite or can be configured with JAUS interfaces alone.

Neya Systems LLC - Wexford, PA

Original Press Release

Neya Systems LLC Releases UxAB(TM) Autonomy Hardware and Software

Press release date: Aug 13, 2014

WEXFORD, Pa., -- Neya Systems has announced the release of its UxAB(TM) Autonomy hardware and software stack.

As a part of Neya's growing Ux line of products, UxAB(TM) draws together years of capability development in autonomy, sensor processing, localization, manipulator control, and advanced navigation GPS-based and GPS-denied navigation into a single rugged package.

UxAB(TM) has been developed from the ground up to be a robust, hardened, self-contained autonomy module. Designed to IP67 specifications, with integrated EMI and EFI protection, and a temperature operating range of -20 to 140F, UxAB(TM) is built to operate in the most challenging environments where our newest unmanned ground vehicles will be deployed.

UxAB(TM) is offered in a variety of software configurations. It is offered with a full autonomy suite, for those who are looking for a turnkey solution. For those who have legacy autonomy capabilities and need to integrate existing IP, UxAB(TM) can be configured with JAUS interfaces alone. In this case, full source code to the JAUS component skeletons can be provided, ensuring ease of integration.

"We are very happy to announce the release of UxAB," said Dr. Parag Batavia, president of Neya Systems, "our combined decades of experience in developing robust, high reliability autonomy software has been distilled into this small, light weight, low power package, making our capabilities available in an easy-to-integrate system." 

Neya has been working from day one with leading UGV providers, such as Northrop Grumman Remotec, to enable UxAB(TM) integration with existing platforms. "The plug and play nature of UxAB(TM) enables integration with less technical disruption. This reduces risk while improving time to market, " said Phil Bryan, senior program manager at Remotec."

UxAB is compatible with AEODRS 1.4 SAE JAUS specifications, as well as IOP V1.

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Neya Systems is one of the leading developers of advanced unmanned systems technologies in the United States.  Neya works with defense, homeland security, and commercial customers to deliver novel solutions to some of the hardest problems related to autonomy, computer vision, and general unmanned systems development and deployment.  Both government- and commercial-sector engineering managers consistently turn to Neya's team when seeking expertise related to perception in difficult visual conditions.

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