Automotive Push-Pin Seal Capabilities

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio - With the growing drive to make cars more efficient, the automotive industry is determined to improve today's vehicles through ingenuity and engineering. Lauren Manufacturing is no exception to this process. Lauren is once again expanding capabilities by offering push-pin seals. Sold to tier-one automotive companies, push-pin seals provide an alternative to standard laminated seal methods in the automotive industry for applications such as hood to cowl, door frames and more.

Teaming with a primary supplier of metal body parts, Lauren engineers designed a push-pin seal for chassis and plastic injection parts. A new seal design was requested to help eliminate under-hood noise. The seal was also vitally important to the engine cooling system; which helps regulate the engine temperature to keep the engine running for optimum performance. Engineers designed the seal from dense EPDM with an excellent compression set to ensure proper seal performance. With proper compression deflection performance, the seal will maintain its shape and orientation through continual opening and closing of the hood.

In addition to the material selection, the hood substrate was not adhesive friendly due to the low surface energy levels. Surface treatment for lamination would have been uneconomical due to the cost of preparation and labor; therefore an alternative attachment method was desired. In this particular application, the push-pin seal was the ideal choice to allow for easy assembly and installation, crucial for this Lauren customer.

Lauren engineers have also designed an automotive door frame push-pin seal for a top level heavy equipment manufacturer. To eliminate door damage caused by the current clip-on seal, a push-pin seal was introduced. Seals are made from EPDM sponge for proper compression and are bonded together by dense molded corners. Utilizing small stuffer plugs within the molded corner, the seal is secured from collapsing as the door is opened and closed. Stuffer plugs also allow for material thickness consistency throughout the entire seal for proper performance. This seal was not only easy to install, but included the complete value added package that met all customer requirements.

Customers using push-pin seals from Lauren receive pins that are spaced according to their measurement requirements. Once the proper measurements are in place, matching punched holes with the push-pins allow for a quick and efficient installation process. Depending on the customer's process and/or application, push-pin seals are capable of being a replacement solution to the standard laminated seal as well as other sealing methods.

Lauren Manufacturing, a Lauren International company, specializes in solving simple to highly complex engineering and manufacturing problems for customers around the globe in need of outstanding sealing solutions. From providing state-of-the-art polymer products across diverse markets, to providing design engineering and manufacturing, business and IT support, logistics and more, Lauren has evolved from the gasket supplier of early years to a sophisticated, strategic business supply-partner. The variety and quality of products and services the company offers has earned it recognition internationally for exceptional diversity in delivering on its promise as a problem-solver and a solution-provider.

For more information, visit the company website at or call 800-683-0676. To learn more about Lauren Manufacturing's parent company, Lauren International, and it's other subsidiaries, visit

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