Automotive Oscilloscope Kit turns PC into diagnostic tool.

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Designed to work with any vehicle make or model, whether gasoline, diesel, electric, or hybrid, PicoScope Advanced Automotive Diagnostics Kit can measure and test virtually all electrical and electronic components and circuits. Power comes from USB port of PC so no batteries or power leads are required. Tests can be performed on ignition, injectors and fuel pumps, starter and charging circuits, batteries, alternators, starter motors, and timer relays.

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NorthTree Associates Announces Pico Technology PicoScope Advanced Automotive Diagnostics Kit

A Pico Technology Advanced Automotive PicoScope kit is a PC based Automotive Oscilloscope kit. It turns a user’s laptop or desktop into a powerful diagnostic tool, showing what is really going on with a vehicle’s electronic circuits. Think of a PicoScope as the “X-ray machine of diagnostics”, giving the ability to see the inner workings of a vehicle’s wiring.

The Pico Automotive Diagnostics Kits can be used to measure and test virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicle including:
• Ignition (primary and secondary)
• Injectors and fuel pumps
• Starter and charging circuits
• Batteries, alternators and starter motors
• Lambda, Airflow, knock and MAP sensors
• Glow plugs / timer relays
• CAN bus, LIN bus and FlexRay

Unlike a serial diagnostic tool, a PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscope can work on any make or model whether Gasoline, Diesel, Electric or Hybrid.  It is equally at home when used with passenger or commercial vehicles.

Pico Technology is the market leader with over 20 years’ experience designing PC based oscilloscopes. The PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscopes have been designed from scratch with automotive use in mind.  They offer an unrivalled blend of resolution, memory depth, sampling rate, bandwidth and software features.  Fast and complex signals such as CAN bus and FlexRay are not a problem, ensuring a PicoScope will perform for many years to come.

This powerful and flexible automotive diagnostic tool has been designed for ease of use so is equally suitable for first time oscilloscope users and experts alike.

The Pico Technology Advanced Automotive Diagnostics Kit is ideal for a wide range of users including franchised and non-franchised garages, breakdown/roadside recovery organizations, mobile tuning/repair services, motorsport and automotive R&D.

Power for the PicoScope comes from the USB port of the PC so no batteries or power leads are required, making it suitable for use both for workshop-based and mobile automotive diagnostics.

The Pico Technology PicoScope Advanced Automotive Diagnostics Kits are already used as a dealer level tool for more major vehicle manufacturers than any other oscilloscope.

Included in all Pico Technology Automotive kits is the powerful PicoScope automotive diagnostic software. Using PicoScope Automotive software is both fast and easy. Simply select the sensor or circuit to be tested and the software will automatically load the required settings and give the  details of how to connect the scope, along with advice on what the waveform should look like and it general technical information on the component being tested.

A Pico Technology PicoScope Automotive scope can also make use of PicoDiagnostics. PicoDiagnostics is a complete engine health check. With just a simple connection to the battery, it can perform a cylinder balance test, detect misfires and carry out a compression test.  Also included in the PicoDiagnostics software is a fully featured electrical system test to check the battery, starter motor and alternator.  The results are displayed in a bar graph that can easily be understood.

Established in 2004, NorthTree Associates (Waconia, MN) is a North American distributor that specializes in providing design engineers, test engineers and production engineers the best protocol, bus analysis, and board-level testing and debugging tools available.

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