Automation Software provides product tracking.

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SoftFlow Development Software consists of 10 modules that are bundled onto single CPU. Soft PLC module monitors state of field inputs and controls state of field outputs. Machine State Controller automatically sequences machine through various conditions. Production Reporting component provides operator and supervisor with feedback of productivity and problem areas. SoftFlow also includes On-Line Diagnostics, On-Line Help, GUI, and Password Protection.

Original Press Release:

Delta Systems Creates Product Tracking System For Food Industry Giant

Rogers, AR (June, 2002) Delta Systems, Inc. (CDNX - DLT.S), announces it has signed a software licensing agreement with the largest producer of brand name, processed, food products. Tyson Foods chose Delta's SoftFlow Development Environment to upgrade its product tracking system.

Using the client's labeling system as the point of origin to link Information Technology (IT) and Machine Control (MC), Delta's system tracks product information from the point where the packing label is placed on the carton to its retail destination, providing a precise audit trail. The tracking system handles quick product change over and tracks multiple products. Using Tyson's internal communications network, master product labels are input at Tyson's headquarters and distributed via the network to various production facilities. The system checks the server for updated labels whenever a product is selected for production. This automatic update and distribution of labels across and the entire manufacturing base provides tight control of label information.

Functioning as part of the production line, the newly created Delta system has the reliability, operability, and maintainability of a standard piece of production equipment. In essence it looks and feels like a production machine while providing the communications typically required of a server, router, and data entry terminal. Product setup features are stored in a Recipe system that allows the operator to change the label using a 'One Button' selection process. As the labels
are printed for the production cases, messages are sent to the server associating each case to a particular pallet and providing a unique serial number for future product tracking.

All of this functionality is possible because of Delta's advanced
automation software, SoftFlow Component modules allow the quick
development of such systems by bundling each software component onto a single CPU. These software components provide all the functionality of industry standard components while offering far greater flexibility than standard counterparts. SoftFlow Component Modules consists of:

1. Soft PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

2. Soft MC (Motion Controller)

3. Machine State Controller

4. GUI (Graphics User Interface)

5. Multiple Product Setup

6. On-Line Help

7. Production Reporting

8. On-line Diagnostics

9. Password Security Protection

10. Network Communications

The Soft PLC, monitors the state of field inputs, and using user-
configurable logic, controls the state of field outputs, as well as other logical aspects of the machine's control (Soft MC). Part of this logical control is the Machine State Controller, which is built into the SoftFlow system, and predominantly controlled by the Soft PLC logic. The state controller automatically sequences the machine through its various "states" or conditions, such as: Emergency Stopped, Stopped, Homing, Running, Waiting for Product, etc.

The GUI, or Graphical User Interface (aka HMI, or Human Machine
Interface), graphically represents the machine state and control
information to the operator. It allows the operator to input
configuration and setup information and supports the Multiple Product Setup (or "recipes"). Once the initial configuration for a new product is done, it is stored as a "recipe" for instantaneous recall at any later date. Recipes allow the user to organize the system to run in multiple configurations, based on the desired product. The operator can easily switch between recipes with the press of a button.

The On-line Help component enables new operators to quickly "come up to speed" by providing a description of the use and intent of each system function.

The Production Reporting component provides the operator and line
supervisor with dynamic feedback of their productivity level and
operational problem areas.

The Soft PLC component assists plant maintenance personnel diagnose a hardware failure. The On-line Diagnostics component provides a suite of tools allowing maintenance personnel to quickly isolate failed devices without having to connect to a laptop or other diagnostics equipment.

Password Security Protection allows the plant systems administrator to customize the access to the system functions based on the capabilities of the logged in user.

The network communications for this particular model uses TCP/IP, FTP, and 802.11b wireless Ethernet. TCP/IP provides a global standard for computer communications. FTP allows the quick storage and retrieval of information from a remote server.

For more information, please contact Jake Bushey, President, by phone, 479-619-2585 by fax 479-936-9746, email:, or visit their web site at Delta Systems, Inc. is located at 535 West Dyke Road, Rogers, AR 72758.

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