Automation Modules suit machine control systems.

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Offering data sharing facilities, AMAX Series consists of distributed control system where trajectory generation and logic control executes in central processor, but motion control loops are executed in intelligent slave module. Embedded Pentium II grade AMAX-2050KW controls up to 2,048 I/O points or 64 axes. AMAX-27XX Series of digital slave modules for AMONet expand digital I/O capacity, while AMAX-2210 Series increases number of axes for AMONet distributed motion control network.

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Advantech Unveils A Compact and Versatile Machine Automation Solution

The AMAX embedded automation modules start at $485.

(Cincinnati, Ohio - 6/01/2007) - The eAutomation Group of Advantech introduces the AMAX series embedded automation solution for use in machine control system architectures. Continuing the advancement of the Programmable Automaton Controller (PAC) concept, the AMAX system represents the convergence of analog, discrete and motion control. Machine control systems generally fall into two categories - centralized and distributed. In a centralized system, all control loops, trajectory generation, and motion control are executed on a single, centrally located processor. The AMAX system is a distributed control system, the trajectory generation and logic control executes in the central processor, but the motion control loops are executed in the intelligent slave module thus, requiring less centralized processing power while reducing overall wiring cost and system complexity.

According to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group, "Automated production machinery requires a rigorous criterion for control functions. Thus, when the capabilities of a machine depend upon precision control and synchronization and event handling, an embedded automation solution design can offer advantages. A PAC embedded automation solution is capable of allowing data to be shared between domains in a much easier manner, which makes an automation solution far easier to deploy. Through the data sharing facilities of a PAC embedded automation solution, real time data can be used to improve the overall performance of the machinery or simply to distribute the information to production management systems."

The AMAX-2050KW master module is an embedded Pentium III grade platform with an onboard AMONet* controller that can control up to 2048 I/O points or 64 axes. It offers two USB interfaces, two RS-232 and one RS-422/485 communication ports with automatic flow control, one 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port, four programmable diagnostic LEDs, soldered AMD Geode GX2 processor with up to 256 MB RAM, 128 KB battery backup RAM, and supports Windows CE.Net. "AMAX-2050KW makes it easy for engineers to create and deploy reliable and deterministic applications through one complete programmable automation controller for multiple domain applications" says Mars Huang, Product Manager at Advantech.

The AMAX-27XX series consists of digital slave modules for AMONet that expands digital I/O capacity. With these modules, actuators/sensors can be connected directly with minimum effort. I/O points can be accessed up to 100 meters away using simple and low-cost wiring with network speeds capable of scanning 2048 I/O channels in 1.04 ms.

The AMAX-2210 series are used to increase the number of axes for an AMONet distributed motion control network. They are designed with friendly front-access all-in-one wiring solution to save space and provide easy cabling.

The AMAX series are available for purchase directly from Advantech at 1-800-205-7940 or from an Advantech authorized dealer.

* AMONet is the high-speed distributed network used to communicate among AMAX modules.

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