Automatic Tool Changer has compact, high-capacity magazine.

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CTA-HSL series suits CNC milling machines, VMCs, HMCs, CNC lathes, and multi-tasking machines. Each automatic tool changer consists of CTA dual motion cam operated exchanger; mechanical exchange arm with dual gripper hands and built-in safety interlocks; tool storage magazine, on which all tool holder pockets are hinged to enable 90° tilt during tool exchange, assembled in moveable track; and pneumatically operated tool holder tilt unit. Exchange time varies from 0.6–1.2 sec.

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Automatic Tool Changer with a Compact, High Capacity Magazine - Type CTA - HSL

Automatic tool changers, type CTA - HSL are suitable for applications on CNC milling machines, vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes and multi-tasking machines.

CTA-HSL tool exchanger with a compact tool magazine are designed and manufactured to accommodate a high quantity of tool holders in a restricted area and are particularly suitable for use on smaller machine tools.

Each tool changer consists of:

- A CTA dual motion cam operated exchanger that performs the high speed and mechanically synchronized movements for grasping, extracting, exchanging and inserting the tools simultaneously between the spindle and the magazine, plus the release of the tool grippers. This entire high speed cycle is operated by one 3 phase, self- braking motor.

- A mechanical exchange arm with dual “rapid-release” gripper hands and built-in safety interlocks.

- The compact HSL series tool storage magazine, on which all tool holder pockets are hinged to enable a 90 deg. tilt during a tool exchange, are assembled in a moveable track within a support structure designed to gain the optimum utility from the available allotted space on smaller machine tools and is driven via a servo motor.

The tool holder tilt unit is pneumatically operated as is the tool taper cleaning head actuated as the used tool is reinserted back into the magazine. A built-in switch system guarantees precise tool holder identification and is used for management of the migrating tools. In addition, a dedicated tool holder to tool pocket identification management system is available upon request.

The main characteristics of these self-contained CTA - HSL tool changers besides the simplicity, reliability and the cleanliness is the high capacity of tools that can be stored in the magazines and the ultra high speed tool exchange cycle itself.

This exchange time varies from 0.6 to 1.2 seconds depending upon the frame size of unit, the tool weights and the length of the exchange arm.

ModelQty. of toolsMax tool Ø mm.Total tool holder weight kg.Max. tool holder weight kg.Max tool length mm.Run mm.Exchange dustance mm.Cycle time sec.Toolholder typeApplicationsCTA 20 HSL10042751.510045300-350
4000.6WK 16
ISO 20-25
CAT20Small machining centers, NC drilling machines, etc.150100200125CTA 30 HSL7058100315060350-400
450-5001ISO 30
HSK 40-50
Capto C4-C5
 Small-medium machining centers, NC drilling machines, CNC lathes, etc.100140140180CTA 40 HSL6078150620080400-450
6001.2HSK 63
Capto C6
CAT30Small-medium vertical and horizontal machining centers, NC milling machines, transfer machines, CNC lathes, etc.80200100250

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