Automatic Strainers Feature Cenpeller(TM) Design for Improved Performance

Eaton Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers now feature the company's unique Cenpeller(TM) design to improve operating efficiency and solve the problem of inefficient automatic cleaning of the strainer's element due to debris lodged in the element. Debris build up often makes it necessary to shut the system down for manual cleaning of the strainer element. The Eaton Cenpeller design helps to prevent this from happening.

Located at the inlet to the strainer element the Cenpeller causes the incoming process media to move in a circular motion and forces the debris to line up against the surface of the strainer element instead of impinging on the element and lodging in the element openings. This eliminates the negative impact of differential pressure across the strainer which can result in a shut down of the strainer while the element is manually cleaned.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers from Eaton Filtration also remove damage causing particulate matter from process systems to protect expensive system components. The strainers operate continuously and the system flow does not have to be shut down for strainer element cleaning. An automated control system monitors the strainer's operation and cleans the strainer element using an integral backwash system. The strainer continues to operate while the strainer element is being automatically cleaned of trapped debris.

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