Automatic Sleeve Labeler runs 75 bottles/min.

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Developed for Latin American market, Model 3900 features servo motor that gives exact positional feedback so machine knows where it is at all times. With servo motor directly driving each axis, most wear parts have been eliminated. Labeler offers adjustable ratio for closer motions and electronic overload clutching.

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SleeveCo's New Servo Machine

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Dawsonville, GA (June 13, 2005) - SleeveCo, Inc. is proud to announce the release of their newest machine, the Automatic Sleeve Labeler Model 3900. This machine has a Servo motor that gives exact positional feedback so the system is intelligent and knows where it is at all times. The machine is rated to run approximately 75 bottles per minute.

The Servo machine was developed to serve our Latin American market for increased efficiency. We continually strive to improve our service in this growing market and enjoy many established relationships there.

The Servo machine's ratio is infinitely adjustable which allows for motions to be closer together making the new machine both faster and smoother. The Servo motor directly drives each axis eliminating most of the wear parts that used to have to be inspected each shift and either adjusted or replaced.

Another important factor is that the servo drives allow for electronic overload clutching which makes the machine safer. The life expectancy of this new machine is much higher than that of older machines utilizing every dollar spent.

As a customer, you will be very pleased with the benefits of this new machine that include higher speeds, more accurate and consistent label placement, much less maintenance, better fault feedback, and an overall safer, easier to operate machine.

About SleeveCo, Inc.

SleeveCo, based in Dawsonville, GA, offers a compete line of labeling products, including shrink sleeves, stretch sleeves, tamper evident bands, preforms, combo packs, and application equipment.

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