Automatic Multi-Target Video Tracker has ruggedized design.

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Effective against full spectrum of targets, ADEPT5000 detects and tracks targets in real-time across full range of military/aerospace electro-optical system applications. Performance is optimized via multi-target tracking engine and signature-based pre-processors, which can discriminate stationary/moving targets from atmospheric challenges. Resulting signals passed to sophisticated algorithms for track path analysis, are optimized for particular operational scenarios.

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High Performance, Ease of Integration are at Heart of New Rugged Video Tracker from GE

ADEPT5000 enables longer range tracking, multiple targets, and greater resolution

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.--GE Intelligent Platforms today announced the ADEPT5000 range of high performance rugged multi-target video trackers. Leading edge tracking performance is delivered through the use of innovative technologies such as an advanced signature-based pre-processor for rejecting clutter - improving the ability to distinguish between the target and the background - and a multi-target track engine.

Combined with exceptional ease of integration via standard format carrier cards - saving time, effort and cost and minimizing program risk - the ADEPT5000 delivers a sustainable competitive advantage to prime contractors, integrators and OEMs. At approximately 54 grams, it is rugged, small, lightweight and consumes minimal power (8-12 watts depending on options), enabling it to be readily deployed in a broad range of applications and harsh environments.

The ADEPT5000 automatic video tracker has been optimized to perform real-time target detection and tracking across the full range of military and aerospace electro-optical system applications. Whether integrated in air-to-ground, ground-to-ground, ground-to-air or naval electro-optical systems, the new improved algorithms at the heart of the ADEPT5000 provide effective detection and tracking against the full spectrum of targets.

"As well as its high performance and ease of integration, the ADEPT5000 offers improved processing power and algorithms that allow the ADEPT5000 to take more decisions itself," said Jamie Farmer, Business Leader, Applied Image Processing at GE Intelligent Platforms. "A range of automated functions is built in to reduce operational complexity and reduce operator workload, eliminating dependence upon manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination under high stress conditions and improving accuracy, reducing fatigue and minimizing the potential for error."

Discriminating targets at longer ranges is aided by a number of factors that include improved optics, precision platform dynamics and higher resolution sensors. The ADEPT5000 natively supports high definition video, whether infrared or visible spectrum, acquired via the latest digital interfaces.

Once these signals have been acquired, advanced pre-processors discriminate both stationary and moving targets from heavy clutter, mist, dust and other atmospheric challenges. The resulting signals are passed to sophisticated algorithms for track path analysis, optimized for particular operational scenarios.

The ADEPT5000's advanced graphical overlays take advantage of familiar industry standard, off-the-shelf PC development tools to reduce the learning curve and maximize productivity. Powerful color graphics rendering and compositing hardware support flexible and clear outputs.

The new multi-target track manager is designed to be resilient where targets utilize ground features to obscure the line of sight or deploy decoys to seduce tracking systems. It distinguishes situations where numerous targets undertake coordinated evasive maneuvers, handling crossing and temporarily obscured targets, and provides the ability for the operator to determine target priority.

The ADEPT5000 uses a simplified, structured approach to reduce integration time and complexity with features such as sensor format auto-detection, fast-start application modes and context-based settings which combine to reduce integration time and cost. It is available in a wide range of form factors employing the same functional core, enabling a single integration process to be used for multiple applications with differing demands on the hardware architecture.

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