Automatic Lubrication Pumps suit in-plant applications.

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Designed to operate without priming, LubePro™ Series comprises Models A900 and A1900 for oil applications and Model A2600 for grease applications. Injector-based pumps feature factory-installed low level detection system, and integrated vent valve that automatically relieves pressure on return stroke to provide trouble-free performance. Typical applications include food and beverage processing and packaging, glass manufacturing, tire production, injection molding, and paper production.

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Graco Launches LubePro(TM) Automatic Lubrication Pumps for In-Plant Applications

MINNEAPOLIS -- Graco Inc. (NYSE:GGG) has introduced the LubePro™ family of injector-based automatic lubrication pumps. LubePro pumps represent a breakthrough in performance and durability. LubePro pumps leverage components from the durable and reliable Graco Fire-Ball® lubrication pumps, which for over 50 years have delivered proven quality and long-life performance.

LubePro™ series pumps offer a robust solution where high output and fast lubrication cycles are needed to optimally lubricate equipment while it’s working. They are most commonly used to lubricate machines used in food and beverage processing and packaging, glass manufacturing, tire production, injection molding, paper production and many other industrial manufacturing and production applications.

“Every day, plant managers have to worry about keeping up with production demands and reducing operating costs,” said Chuck Hartl, Global Product Marketing Manager for Graco’s Lubrication Equipment Division. “Improper lubrication of their machines can cause component failure and downtime, which results in unplanned maintenance expenses and loss of production. We also understand that customers expect auto lubrication systems to not become a new source for maintenance issues. Therefore, with LubePro™ pumps our customers can expect greater reliability and less maintenance time related to machinery lubrication.”

Key Features and Benefits of LubePro™ Pumps:

Three models available. The A900 and A1900 are designed for oil applications, and the A2600 is built for grease applications.

Higher Lube Output and Frequency. All three pumps deliver greater output over the competition, which allows the system to lubricate more points and cycle more frequently.

Factory-installed low level detection. LubePro pumps are available with a durable low level detection system – factory installed. Competitive models require user installation of a low level system that includes many parts.

Self-venting pump with no priming required. The integrated vent valve automatically and reliably relieves pressure on return stroke to provide years of trouble-free performance and there is no need to ever prime the pump.

Engineered seals that last. No worries about leaking over the follower plate or into the air motor - LubePro seals are engineered to perform.

Full line of complementary products. Package with Graco’s GL™ series grease and oil injectors, lubrication controllers, and other accessories for a complete automatic lubrication solution.

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