Automatic Film Applicator applies paint, lacquers, and varnishes.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to meet demands of paint and coatings laboratories, TQC Automatic film applicator offers ergonomic features that eliminate multiple standard operating procedure steps. Automatic chart clamp secures and releases test chart, and holder for applicator returns automatically after application. Along with adjustable speed (0-500 mm/s), length, and start/stop positions, features include multi-lingual, menu-driven interface and capacities for test charts as large as A3+.

Original Press Release:

Hi-End Automatic Film Applicator for Coatings and Ink

The new TQC Automatic film applicator is developed to meet the demands of the modern paint and coatings laboratories.

Parameters such as film thickness, opacity, hiding power, gloss/color all vary with different draw down techniques. Efficient testing of coatings, ink and their formulations requires reproducible and accurate film samples applied on test-charts, specimens and test panels. Draw down speed and consistency, type and weight of the applicator, shear rate of the coatings etc. are all factors that influence the smoothness and uniformity of the applied film. These factors are all excluded when utilising an automatic film applicator.

Eliminate steps
The TQC Automatic film applicator is equipped with unique ergonomic features that eliminate many steps in the standard operation procedure. An automatic chart clamp secures and releases the test-chart, the holder for the applicator returns automatically after the application leaving wire wound rod coaters in a special holder.

User-friendly interface
The speed is between 0 and 500 mm/s freely adjustable as are the length and start / stop positions. All settings are made digitally through the multi-lingual menu-driven human interface that offers an intuitive operation using a convenient jog/dial switch.

The operator orientation of the film applicator results in a small footprint that saves counter space however the machine accepts test charts as large as A3+ sizes. An ultra flat float glass bed or anodized perforated vacuum bed with integrated vacuum pump are available as test table.

Safe operation
To guarantee operators safety the TQC Automatic film applicator is equipped with an emergency switch but also with a range of intelligent safety sensors that detect objects between the machine's moving parts. Based upon the operating status and draw down length the machine instantly will recognize a dangerous situation which will lead to a full stop of the process.

Application area's
The TQC Automatic film applicator is used in the coatings industry to apply paint, lacquers and varnishes but also in other industries such as adhesives, cosmetics, ink, paper etc..

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