Automatic Bar Feeders handle 5-65 mm bars at 450 mm/sec.

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Model TS 560 Rack comes with 3-4 superimposed moveable rack magazine with capacity of seventy 25 mm diameter bars, while Model TS 560 Bundle magazine offers 2.5 ton capacity. Change time is 25-30 sec for 12 ft bars. Feeders can be connected to automatic and CNC lathes, either fixed or sliding headstock, and with any type of bar-working machine. Guide channels made of wear-resistant spring steel and elastic polymer provide virtually vibration-free operation.

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IEMCA TS 560 Handles Big Bars, High Production

ST. LOUIS, MO - The IEMCA automatic TS 560s are the ideal choice for feeding bars from 5 to 65 mm. Particularly well suited for high-volume production, the TS 560 are avalible with with 2 types of large-capacity magazines. The TS 560 Rack comes with an IEMCA patented 3-4 superimposed moveable rack magazine, with 70 25 mm diameter bar capacity. The TS 560 Bundle magazine has a 2.5 ton capacity.

Bundles of bars are loaded on holding belts prearranged in the bar feeder. An established quantity of bars is continuously lifted via elevator from the bundle to the selection plane for feeding into the guide channel in concert with the machine operating cycle. The feeding cycle is prearranged so that a bar is always ready to be put into the guide channel. The next, following bar is then automatically taken from the elevator and ready to be fed into the guide channel without process interruption.

The TS 560s can be connected to automatic and CNC lathes, either fixed or sliding headstock, and with any type of bar-working machine, such as transfer machines, cut-off machines and presses. The TS 560 is designed for quick bar changes - as little as 25 to 30 seconds for 12 ft bars - and ease in setup. Bar straightness requirement is 0.5 mm/m. Feed/return speeds are 450 mm/second.

Ultra-quiet, virtually vibration-free operation results from patented elastic guide channels made of tough, wear-resistant spring steel incorporating a special elastic polymer for unprecedented mechanical endurance. A closed-loop recirculating oil system feeds oil into the elastic guide channels, eliminating bar vibration.

An optional front vibration dampining device between the feeder and lathe is equipped with a Vulkollan bushing whose diameter is very close to the bar size being machined. The system is lubricated by continuous oil flow and opened by a special device allowing the pusher through. This system stops bar vibration from passing into the lathe spindle and improves component machining accuracy. By changing just the bushing, the need to change channels, even outside their normal bar range, is most times unnecessary.

For more than 40 years, IEMCA has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of automated feeding systems for both single- and multi-spindle lathes, and has built a reputation for innovation and unparalleled service and support. The company continues to offer the most comprehensive product range in the automated feeding systems marketplace. Hydromat, Inc., is the exclusive North American distributor of IEMCA Advanced Feeding Systems.

For more information, contact IEMCA, 11600 Adie Road, St. Louis, MO. Tel: 314-692-8388. Fax: 314-692-5152. WebSite: http//

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