Automatic Band Saw Machine uses twin Prismatic guide columns.

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To ensure torsion-free travel through sawing range, Danobat CP520AF is equipped with main prismatic guide column that travels on linear rails and linear bearings, and support guide column that travels on free rollers. Hydraulic gripper vise positions material to proper cut length. With 25 ft, 2 in. x 2 1/8 in. x 0.063 in. band, machine offers cutting capacities of 20½ in. round and 23 5/8 x 20½ in. square. Intelligent Cutting Software stores material speed and feed information in library.

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Pat Mooney Inc. Now Offers Leading European Danobat Sawing Machines

Addison, IL - Heavy-duty, fully automatic Danobat Band Saw Machines are now available in the U.S. from Pat Mooney Inc. - The Saw Company. Engineered for accuracy, these machines feature exceptionally sturdy frames, polymer concrete filled saw heads and columns and rigid guide ways.

Included in its line of fully automatic band saws, Danobat's CP520AF ensures torsion-free travel throughout the sawing range. To accomplish this, the saw machine features twin Prismatic guide columns. The main prismatic guide column travels on linear rails and linear bearings, while the support prismatic guide column travels on free rollers. A hydraulic gripper vise positions material to the proper cut length.

Danobat CP520AF band saw machines are ideal for demanding applications such as die forging, steel service centers and heavy manufacturing operations.

Danobat CP520AF cutting capacities are 20 1/2" (round) and 23 5/8" - 20 1/2" (square), band length is 25' 2", band width is 2 1/8" and band thickness is 0.063".

Danobat's Intelligent Cutting Software System is available to reduce cutting time and increase blade life. The software conveniently stores material speed and feed information in a library, and allows the CP520AF to be run as a machine tool. Once set, the exact blade speed and feed rate for either bi-metal or carbide blade will be selected. Because the saw operator need only select the material grade and type of saw blade to automatically achieve the proper blade speed and production parameters, errors are eliminated and productivity is maintained. Based upon the selection, the saw blade will ramp into the cut and proceed at optimum feed rate at all times. In addition, the software features an Interactive Cutting Deflection System, Automatic Blade Break-In (10 blade storage) and an ultra fast saw head-to-workpiece approach.

Pat Mooney, the sales and service agent for Danobat Sawing and Drilling Systems in the United States, offers a complete range of Danobat Saw systems, including the CP line of semi automatic band saw machines, automatic band saw machines and transfer saw machines, as well as HV Gantry Saws, CPI Saws, structural drilling systems and vertical plate saws. Along with Danobat, Pat Mooney's extensive line includes FMB Band Saws, Nishijimax CNC Carbide Cold Saw Systems, PMI Precision Upcut Cold Saws for Aluminum Profiles, Manual Cold Saws, Kanefusa Saw Blades and Cold Saw Blades.

For more information from Pat Mooney Inc. - The Saw Company, visit Fabtech Booth #3514, call 800-323-7503, e-mail , visit , or contact Pat Mooney Inc. - The Saw Company, 502 S. Westgate Street, Addison, IL 60101, Phone: (800) 323-7503 Fax: (630) 543-5584.

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