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Automated Test Environment performs OCAP pre-certification.

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Mar 01, 2006 - In addition to on-site, professional installation and training services, vCert(TM) v1.0 provides integrated, turn-key system with all hardware, software, and documentation required to test OCAP(TM) devices. It runs all of CableLabs' OCAP certification tests and has menu-driven user interface that helps test and debug set-top boxes and TVs. Product also provides means by which MSOs can qualify devices prior to placing them on their networks.

Vidiom Systems, Inc. - Broomfield, CO

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Vidiom Systems Introduces the vCert Automated Test Environment for OCAP Pre-Certification

Press release date: Jan 03, 2006

BROOMFIELD, Colo., Jan. 3 / -- Vidiom Systems Corporation, a leading provider of technology solutions to the cable and consumer electronics industries, today announced the availability of vCert(TM), a powerful Automated Test Environment (ATE) for OCAP(TM) devices.

"One of the biggest challenges we face today with the introduction of OCAP devices is testing. vCert gives manufacturers the ability to test and debug their set-top boxes and TVs and provides MSOs a way to qualify devices prior to placing them on their networks," said Walden Miller, Vice President of Engineering Services for Vidiom Systems.

"Vidiom has been working with CableLabs on the ATE for over two years," said Donald Dulchinos, Senior Vice President, Advanced Platforms & Services for CableLabs. "We are pleased with Vidiom's efforts to provide a productized OCAP ATE."

vCert is an integrated, turn-key system that includes all hardware, software, and documentation required to test an OCAP device. Vidiom also provides on-site, professional installation and training services as part of its vCert offering. vCert is based on the CableLabs OCAP certification* ATE and runs all of CableLabs' OCAP certification* tests (the CTP). Vidiom has also developed an additional 5,000 tests to assist manufacturers in optimizing their OCAP implementations in preparation for CableLabs certification. An Early Release version of vCert will be available in Q1 2006 and the 1.0 version will be available in Q2 2006.

Timothy R. Wahlers, CEO/President of Vidiom Systems said, "We are making it easier for manufacturers and MSOs to test their products by offering an enhanced, turn-key system with advanced features."

Vidiom's vCert 1.0 ATE includes a menu-driven User Interface that will allow users to:

-- Test multiple OCAP devices with a single test run

-- Store test results for one or more OCAP devices in a database

-- Capture and compare video output of devices being tested to golden images stored in a database using vCert's Golden Image subsystem.

-- Create test sets within the CTP

-- Examine test code and results

-- Save and print test results in a format accessible outside of vCert

OCAP(TM) is part of the OpenCable initiative created by CableLabs and has been adopted as a standard by the SCTE and other standards organizations. The goals of the OpenCable initiative are to provide a unified, open standard that allows programmers to deploy interactive services over multiple cable networks, enable supplier competition, and create a retail market for digital cable receivers.

* Only CableLabs can OCAP certify equipment.

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Vidiom Systems Corporation is an established leader in providing innovative iTV software and services solutions to network operators, content and technology providers, and set-top box and consumer electronics manufacturers. Our expertise includes software design and engineering, porting and testing, application development, technical documentation, and technical training as well as network migration and deployment. Vidiom is the leading provider of OCAP solutions to the cable and consumer electronics industries and has been involved in every stage of the evolution of OCAP from assisting in the design and development of the specification, to building the OCAP implementation for the OCAP Development, LLC, to designing and building the first OCAP application development and testing tools. Founded in 1996, Vidiom Systems is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, and additional engineering offices in Portland, Oregon, and Des Moines, Iowa. For more information about our products and services please visit our web site at

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OCAP(TM) is a trademark of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.