Automated System monitors metalworking fluids.

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Suited for large industrial environments, Castrol SystemRT is capable of monitoring fluid concentration, pH, conductivity, temperature, and real-time biologic activity in water-based metalworking fluids. Data generated from unit is charted automatically, permitting user to monitor fluid trends and tighten control of fluid parameters. Unit self-calibrates, verifies with internal diagnostics, reports errors, and has Internet capabilities.

Original Press Release:

Castrol Introduces Real-Time Automated System to Monitor Metalworking Fluids

Castrol Industrial North America Inc. (Castrol) announces today the introduction of Castrol SystemRT -a new real-time, automated, metalworking fluid performance monitoring system for large industrial environments.

The unit is capable of monitoring fluid concentration, pH, conductivity, temperature and real-time biologic activity in most water-based metalworking fluids. A single Castrol SystemRT can monitor critical fluid parameters from up to four metalworking fluid central systems. Current practices for measuring biological activity in metalworking fluids require samples be collected and sent out to a laboratory for analysis. It takes 3-5 days wait for the results. With this process, bioactivity readings are generally not representative of the system's current condition because
of continued biological activity during sample shipping and handling, and the lag times for results mean no immediate corrective action(s) can be taken. In rare cases, there can be the potential for biological blooms that may compromise safety of the overall work environment.

The ability to measure biological activity in real time is a critical need that Castrol's proprietary break-through technology now satisfies. The Castrol SystemRT Biological Activity Reading (BAR) allows for an immediate response to exceedance of preset microbiological activity levels in metalworking fluid systems. Data generated from the unit is charted automatically, permitting the user to monitor fluid trends and tighten the control of the fluid parameters. Potential benefits include:
o Elimination of handling and analysis of fluid samples;
o Reduced additive and biocide consumption;
o Reduced fluid consumption;
o Stable fluid resulting in consistent machining performance; and
o Improved health and safety environments.

Field testing of the Castrol SystemRT at customer sites worldwide indicates a potential for Castrol customers to realize operational cost savings.

The Castrol SystemRT self calibrates, verifies with internal diagnostics, reports errors, and has internet capabilities. It is capable of operating unattended, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the only manual interaction being the periodic replenishing of reagents and routine service checks. The interface is programmable, with a user-friendly layout and touch-screen. Test results are stored and available via a remote computer or machine display and are downloadable for off-line analysis.
Troubleshooting of most hydro-mechanical functions is done via the touchscreen
diagnostics menu.

Castrol envisions these units to be especially useful to customers who:
o Have difficulty tightly controlling their metalworking fluid systems;
o Would like to closely monitor the concentration of their fluids to optimize machining performance;
o Prefer to take immediate corrective action when bioactivity levels exceed parameters;
o Would like to maintain their central systems to better manage their
plant health and safety environment.

The units are especially directed to the Automotive and Machinery Manufacturing segments which utilize large systems and require tight control of their fluid systems.

For additional information contact Vasu Kulkarni, Director Marketing & Tech
Service, 630-961-6240,

*For details on Castrol Offers and Castrol SystemRT, please visit and check the Americas Region, Products and Services section of our website.

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