Automated System collects data on large products.

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Audit Manager provides automated solution for containment and suspect lot audits of physically large, serialized products. Used to ensure defect-free shipments, eliminate paper-based check sheets and reports, and facilitate error-free data collection, system consists of 501Y DataMyte handheld programmable data collector, portable scanner, and software. Uploaded data generates reports that detail missing serial numbers and describe condition of products.

Original Press Release:

ASI DataMyte Introduces New Audit Manager System

Plymouth, MN January 24, 2005. ASI DataMyte, Inc. announces the release of the new Audit Manager system. Audit Manager provides an automated, cost-effective solution for containment and suspect lot audits for high volume, physically large, serialized products.

Applications for the Audit Manager include automotive assembly, sub-assembly fabrication, major appliance assembly, and other large products such as motorcycles, lawn mowers, tractors, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles.

Some of the benefits of the Audit Manager system include:

o Defect-free shipments available for scheduled delivery

o Elimination of paper-based check sheets and reports

o Error-free data collection

o Rapid payback - Audit Manager may pay for itself with as little as a one percent reduction in time and labor.

Audit Manager is used when a defect is discovered on the manufacturing line, and a particular serial number, such as an automotive VIN, is identified. Because many products have been manufactured since the defect was discovered, an operator is sent to the shipping area to locate the products, check them for defects, record the results, and ensure that repairs are completed before shipment.

The Audit Manager system provides an automated solution that eliminates paper check sheets and data re-entry for these audits. The system consists of:

o An ASI DataMyte handheld programmable data collector that lets operators check for specific defects.

o A portable scanner for recording serial or VIN number barcodes.

o Audit Manager software for setting up data collectors and generating appropriate reports.

The 501Y data collector is designed specifically to receive audit information from Audit Manager software, collect data for an audit, and upload that data back to Audit Manager.

With Audit Manager software, the data collector can be quickly programmed with a list of serial numbers and defects to be checked, or a single serial number may be scanned in to conduct a random subject lot audit.

After operators have checked all unshipped product for suspected defects, data can be uploaded to generate useful reports that describe units that are OK to ship, units needing rework, and serial numbers not found.

ASI DataMyte, Inc. ( is the world leader in providing quality-related data collection, analysis and reporting solutions, as well as quality planning and control tools, to every segment of the manufacturing industry. Customers include leading automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical device companies worldwide. ASI DataMyte products and services are sold and supported by a global network of direct representatives and distributors. Company headquarters are located in Plymouth, MN, USA with offices in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and Hasselt, Belgium.

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