Automated Stretching Machine handles small canvas formats.

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Intended for home decoration market, miniFrame Stretching Machine processes 100 frames per hour with production time of 25 seconds per frame. Automated system handles frame formats ranging from 4 x 4 in. to 12 x 12 in. For producing canvases with different frame thicknesses, height of frame table can be adjusted.

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New ISAG miniFrame System Revolutionizes Automated Canvas Stretching

Small Size Canvas Production for the Home Decoration Market

Simply create more beautiful canvas design products with the new miniFrame system from ISAG, Switzerland

(Regensdorf) -- Another innovative system for the imaging and printing industry has been developed and launched by Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG).

The market of home decoration, where consumers embellish their homes with premium quality wedding photographs, exotic travel memories or just individual artwork, is steadily increasing. With additional printing opportunities such as mobile printing, requests especially for pictures on small canvas formats will drive that new market in the future, too. Strong growth rates are to be expected for B2C printing via mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) by customer friendly applications (apps) in the coming years.

With miniFrame, the new rapid stretching machine for small canvas formats, ISAG offers producers a worldwide unique solution to solve the demand in this rising and profitable market segment.

In a world premiere at the DscoopX 2015 exhibition in Washington, D.C., ISAG shows again high innovative capacity and an absolute novelty by presenting the miniFrame system to professional visitors from the photo and printing industry.

Rapid Production of Premium Quality Canvases

The popularity of decorating private and public spaces has exploded. Never before have so many people used their own creativity to make their living or working spaces comfortable and unique by ordering beautifully designed canvases with their own images.

To meet the demand in this market segment, ISAG has developed a new and innovative system for wrapping small size canvas prints: miniFrame.

The miniFrame system offers an enormous output of high quality design products. With up to 100 frames per hour and a production time of only 25 seconds per frame, this machine is five times faster than the manual assembly of frames with printed canvases.

There is no other comparable system providing such a Level of productivity in this product range. miniFrame really revolutionizes the automated canvas manufacturing on a premium quality level.

Frame formats from 100 x 100 mm to 305 x 305 mm (4 x 4" to 12 x 12") can be processed. Every format uses a specific and easily interchangeable format plate, which is manufactured according the individual requirements of customers. For producing canvases with different frame thicknesses, the height of the frame table can simply be adjusted.

The system is very easy to operate and produces premium design products quickly and cost-effectively.

With miniFrame, ISAG is setting another trend to extend new products ranges within the market segment of photo printing and finishing. The ISAG miniFrame system is available immediately.

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Imaging Solutions AG, founded in 2003, is a Swiss company specializing in systems for the production of LayFlat photobooks and other premium print-on-demand products. The automated workflow solutions enable the cost-effective print finishing of edition 1 books and short runs.

Another area of expertise is production-optimizing software, such as the automatic image enhancement software VIESUS™ or the workflow software PURUS for the production of photobooks and other photo products, and netGate, as an image processing and image data server for integration into the photo lab workflow.

The company's origins lie in the production of machinery for silver halide photo paper processing. Exposure units, processors and software for this field are still part of the product portfolio.

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