Automated Optical 3D Profiler features 10 pm resolution.

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As 3D surface-texture, step-height, and micro-dimensional measurement system, Talysurf CCI 6000 combines microscope-quality surface imaging with surface profiler measuring capability. It performs non-contact 3D measurement of components with all types of surfaces and materials up to 300 mm² in size. Measurement interferometer uses correlation algorithm to find coherence peak and phase position of interference pattern produced by selectable bandwidth of light.

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Taylor Hobson Introduces the World's Highest Resolution Automated Optical 3D Profiler

LEICESTER, ENGLAND-- The newly introduced Talysurf CCI 6000 Optical 3D Profiler from AMETEK Taylor Hobson, an acknowledged leader in metrology design and manufacturing, brings an unparalleled level of performance to non-contact 3-D measurement with a 0.1Ǻ (10pm) resolution.

The Talysurf CCI is an advanced type of measurement interferometer that uses a patented correlation algorithm to find the coherence peak and phase position of an interference pattern produced by a selectable bandwidth of light. This 3D profiling method provides both high resolution and excellent sensitivity to returning light. Excellent data resolution in X and Y axes, combined with a very low missing data rate, contribute to outstanding system performance.

The Talysurf CCI 6000 combines the surface imaging quality of a microscope with the high-accuracy measuring capability of a surface profiler. The result is a 3D surface-texture, step-height and micro-dimensional measurement system that operates in seconds. The instrument is extremely versatile.

All types of surfaces, including rough, specular or scattered, and all types of materials, including glass, metal, photo resist, polymer, liquid inks and pastes, can be measured without difficulty. The instrument is an invaluable tool in the manufacture of micro electro-mechanial systems (MEMS), super-polished optical components, semiconductors and other applications.

The instrument's composite granite and welded-steel construction assures stability throughout the measuring loop, while a pneumatic anti-vibration system isolates the instrument from external vibrations.

Measurement set up is easy. A user simply places a component onto the positioning stage, sets the focus height and pushes the start button. Components need only be free of contamination. Unusual samples can be measured using a combination of stitching, auto focus, fixtures, jigs and vacuum chucks.

Artifacts traceable to international standards are used to calibrate the instrument's vertical and lateral measurement axes. The geometrical, dimensional and surface characteristics of any known artifact can therefore be easily reproduced with authority and confidence.

Preparation and staging of the component is greatly simplified because the measured data can be software leveled and aligned. The device can measure components up to 300mm2 in size and specimen areas up to 7mm2 without stitching. Height adjustments of 100mm allow inspection of parts held in processing jigs, vacuum chucks or other fixtures.

Detailed measurement analysis can be carried out with the press of a button. Surface features defined by diameter, area or volume can be automatically identified, measured and sorted. Internationally recognized waviness and roughness parameters in both 3D and 2D are included and dimensional measurement in X, Y and Z axes provided.

Presentation tools include user-defined scale, viewing angle and rotation, plus photo-realistic images in monochrome or full-color providing a natural view of 3D planar surfaces. A full package of desktop publishing tools, including templates for repetitive tests, helps assure consistent, comprehensive documentation of measurement results and analysis.

Taylor Hobson is a leading manufacturer of ultra-precision measurement instrumentation for a variety of markets, including optics, semiconductors, hard disk drives and nanotechnology research. It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc, a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors with annualized sales of more than $1.4 billion.

For more information on the Talysurf CCI 6000, contact Taylor Hobson, 1725 Western Drive, West Chicago, IL 60185, USA. Tel: 847-290-8090. Fax: 847-290-1430. E-mail: Web site:

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