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Automated Lathe delivers precise delineation.

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Oct 29, 2010 - In addition to preventing overblasting, LA3250 Advanced Lathe eliminates need for masking of parts during micro abrasive blasting for manufacturers in medical, dental, aerospace, precision machining, and electronic industries. It can be configured with multiple spindles and smart tooling, which ensures proper blast head and part tooling are installed to match blast routine selected. Programming controls all aspects of process, promoting part-to-part consistency.

Comco, Inc. - Burbank, CA

Original Press Release

Comco Launches Product that Eliminates the Need for Masking in Micro-Abrasive Blasting

Press release date: Oct 18, 2010

Burbank, Calif. - Comco, an industry leader in micro-abrasive blasting technology, has announced the launch of the LA3250 Advanced Lathe, a device that eliminates a manufacturer's need for masking their parts because of the precise delineation this automated platform can provide.

Prior to the LA3250, manufacturers were forced to mask product surfaces in order to separate the areas that needed to have a polished surface from that which needed to be textured. The LA3250 eliminates that need, and prevents overblasting, saving production time and money. Manufacturers in the medical, dental, aerospace, precision machining and electronic industries will be able to use this new technology.

Additional highlights of the LA3250 include its ability to be configured with multiple spindles for increased productivity and "smart tooling," which ensures the proper blast head and part tooling are installed to match the blast routine selected. This programming controls all aspects of the process, allowing for part-to-part consistency and repeatability.

"The LA3250 provides the ideal platform for integrating micro-abrasive blasting into full scale production environments," says Colin Weightman, President of Comco. "We are confident that the LA3250 will become an indispensable part of any company's move towards lean manufacturing."

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