Automated Kit Replenishment System ensures audit compliance.

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Utilizing 2D barcodes, MedEx™ TraySafe™ automates process of replenishing kits and trays. All-in-one, cloud-connected product provides complete kit and tray logistics tracking using mobile handheld scanners built on Apple iPod solution. TraySafe tracks distribution and present location of all kits and trays as they are placed in carts or storage areas throughout hospital. With ultra-high resolution imaging, system detects missing, misplaced, or expired meds in preconfigured kits/trays.

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Aethon to Introduce TraySafe Next-Generation Automated Kit Replenishment and Logistics Solution at ASHP

- Ultra-high resolution imaging detects missing, misplaced or expired meds in preconfigured kits and trays

- Improves safety by ensuring the material in the tray is correctly positioned

- Increases efficiency of pharmacy department, improves inventory control and ensures audit compliance

PITTSBURGH,  -- Building on its expertise in pharmacy logistics management, Aethon, Inc. today announced the introduction of MedEx(TM) TraySafe(TM), the next-generation automated kit replenishment solution, which will be featured at the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (ASHP) Summer Meetings & Exhibition 2015 taking place June 6-10 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Aethon will be demoing the solution in booth #539.

TraySafe automates the process and improves the safety of replenishing kits and trays. TraySafe tracks all medications distributed throughout the hospital as well. These capabilities reduce the time to process a kit while providing the tools to respond instantly to recalls, expired medications or audits. 

TraySafe improves on current automated medication replenishment solutions by replacing the costly RFID tags normally added to each dose with a system that uses an industry-standard and data-rich 2D bar code. Recently passed legislation as part of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act mandates the use of 2D bar codes that include NDC number, lot number and expiration date on unit dose medications, and will be required in 2017.

Since it also creates an ultra-high resolution image of the tray that shows which medications are present and automatically detects if medication is in its proper place within the tray, TraySafe delivers a patient safety enhancement that is particularly critical in the emergent situations in which the trays are used.

"Pharmacies are in the logistics business as much as they are in the patient care business," said Aldo Zini, president and chief executive officer of Aethon. "Yet managing the full lifecycle of preconfigured kits and trays from replenishment to distribution has been a longstanding challenge for pharmacy directors. Aethon has a solid track record of delivering innovative logistics solutions and we are pleased to introduce TraySafe. We drew upon our extensive background in managing and tracking medication preparation and deliveries to develop a next-generation and patent-pending kit and tray management solution using non-proprietary industry-standard labeling that makes automated replenishment safer, less expensive and more efficient."

Improves accuracy and efficiency

Current RFID-based solutions automate a portion of the inspection processes and generate an inventory confirmation once the tray has been refilled. But they also have inherent issues - the most significant being medications that are inserted into the wrong slot in the tray will not be detected - leaving the practitioner vulnerable to error.

"Things happen quickly in an emergency situation, so while pharmacies must manage a wide variety of tray configurations, the clinical users of these trays expect all the items to be correctly configured based on a predetermined layout," Zini said. "If a medication is misfiled in the tray and it is not noticed due to the urgency of the event, the consequences can be devastating for the patient, the clinical team and the hospital."

Tracks medication locations

In addition to improved efficiency and safety, TraySafe provides complete kit and tray logistics tracking that incorporates mobile handheld scanners built on the Apple iPod solution. TraySafe tracks the distribution and present location of all kits and trays as they are placed in carts or storage areas throughout the hospital. This makes it possible for the pharmacy to instantly locate medications wherever they are stored in the hospital. This would allow, for example, the pharmacist to find a specific lot of medications that may have been recalled, or have better management control of medications that are about to expire.  In addition, it provides the ability to perform scheduled audits or instantly respond to ad-hoc audits without the need for paperwork or manually maintained audit logs.

"Patient safety is a top priority at every hospital, followed closely by efficiency and cost containment," Zini said. "TraySafe helps in all of these areas. It allows hospitals to manage the entire kit and tray management process, from the pharmacy to the cart to the floor and back again, with greater precision than has ever been possible. It's a significant advance in pharmacy logistics management."

Embedded computer plus cloud support

TraySafe is an all-in-one, cloud-connected product that requires no external PC.  Its embedded computer runs all software and tray scanning algorithms to process trays with fast, consistent and reliable performance.  It is connected to Aethon's Cloud Command Center for 24/7/365 support, automatic updates of the software system and data/system optimization. 

About Aethon

Aethon automates Intralogistics(TM) in hospitals by delivering goods and supplies using its TUG® smart autonomous mobile robot and manages pharmacy logistics using MedEx(TM), a software system used to track medication deliveries from the pharmacy.  Over 400 TUG autonomous mobile robots are making more than 50,000 deliveries each week in hospitals across the United States.  For more information, visit

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