Automated Handler is designed for SD/MMC testing.

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Suited for use with Silicon Motion Chorus SD/MMC tester, model M1038 enables up to 8 devices to be tested simultaneously. Devices that pass are stacked up to output hopper at right, and devices that fail are rejected and slide off chute into reject bin. Solution also works with Model 1052 Automated SD/MMC Label Applicator. Hopper system lets customers move devices from testing and straight into labeling, with batches of up to 100 devices.

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Able Design Introduces New Automated Handler for SD/MMC Testing at the 2007 Flash Memory Summit

NEW M1038 AUTOMATED HANDLER FOR SMI SD/MMC TESTER Mountain View, CA - August 7, 2007 - Able Design ( announced today that it will introduce their new M1038 automated handler for SD/MMC testing at the 2007 FLASH MEMORY SUMMIT in San Jose. Units are now shipping. These new products are another example of Able Design's expertise in automated device handling and product development. The Model 1038 was developed for use with the cost effective Silicon Motion Chorus SD/MMC tester. "Many of our current customers were already using Silicon Motion's Chorus tester and had asked us to automate the process for them. That was the genesis of our Model 1038," said John Meadows, Able Design President and Chief Engineer. Up to 8 devices can be tested simultaneously. Input and output hoppers have capacities of up to 100 SD/MMC devices each. Passing devices are up stacked to the output hopper at the right and devices that failed are rejected and slid off a chute into a reject bin. The Able Design Model 1038 Automated Handler was also designed to work with the Model 1052 Automated SD/MMC Label Applicator. Just remove the output hopper full of good devices from the M1038 and insert it into the M1052 hopper receptacle and start labeling. The hopper systems allows customers to easily move devices from testing and straight into labeling with batches of up to 100 devices. "Once again, we listened to our customers and simplified their process. Our customers can now move easily from testing product to labeling product," said John Meadows. The M1038 is distributed by Avon Technology, Inc. with and without the SMI Chorus tester depending on customers' requirements. The M1038 Automated Handlers for SD/MMC Testing are manufactured at Able Design headquarters in Mountain View, CA and are distributed worldwide. ABOUT ABLE DESIGN INC. Able Design Inc. is an accomplished automation company that has become a leading provider of FLASH memory label applicators for the FLASH memory markets. Their label applicators support all types of FLASH devices including SD, MMC, CF, and PCMCIA memory cards. Customers include leading manufacturers of FLASH memory cards such as SanDisk, SimpleTech, PDP Systems, and Dane-Elec. The company also provides custom mechanical design services and a wide variety of CD/DVD printing and duplication equipment. Able Design Inc. has over 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing industrial-grade automation equipment. Able Design Inc. headquarters: 2277 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA. Phone: 1.650.961.8245 Fax: 1.650.961.8246 Web site: ABOUT SILICON MOTIONS INC. Silicon Motion, Inc. is a leading provider of FLASH memory controllers. They also provide FLASH test equipment and application assistance to their customers. They have a sales and application facility in Milpitas, CA. For more info, please contact Jason Chien at 408.519.7217. Copyright 2006 Avon Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. All company and product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Features, pricing, availability and specifications are subject to change without notice. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Chuck Huie, Avon Technology, Inc. 1.408.624.4429,

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