Auto-Dialer delivers text alarms, via voice, by phone.

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Model SEL-3010 Event Messenger automatically telephones on-call personnel, delivering text alarm messages via voice to convey important data. It can deliver measurements that communicate time and severity of event and help direct remedial actions. Unlike standard auto-dialers that send prerecorded alarm messages, SEL-3010 uses text-to-speech technology. Direct communications of unit provide decentralized backup to SCADA systems.

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System 'Event Messenger' Cuts Monitoring Costs and Response Time by Automatically Delivering Alarms, Conditions, and Fault Locations - by Telephone

The SEL-3010 Event Messenger automatically telephones on-call personnel, delivering text alarm messages via voice, to convey important data concerning events and remedial actions, thereby lowering maintenance costs while speeding power system restoration. Now electric power systems maintenance and operations personnel can be automatically and directly notified of alarms and specified system conditions by telephone via the easy-to-use SEL-3010 Event Messenger from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Pullman, Washington. The SEL-3010 increases the effectiveness of mobile operations staff by providing them with vital information on power system conditions and operations, thereby simplifying field decisions and improving response time. Unlike standard auto-dialers that send prerecorded alarm messages, the SEL-3010 uses text-to-speech technology, which enables the system to convey "intelligent" telephone messages by voice to support personnel. The SEL-3010 can deliver important measurements that communicate the time and severity of the event and help direct remedial actions. The SEL-3010 can replace, enhance, or back-up SCADA systems. For example, the messages from the SEL-3010 can include the location of a power line fault to dispatch local area crews directly to the fault. Contrast this time usage to patrolling the line, or to waiting for the information to move through busy, centralized operations centers; in widespread outages the SCADA dispatchers might be concentrating on transmission priorities, while distribution crews are idle. The direct communications of the SEL-3010 also provides a decentralized backup to SCADA systems. If a catastrophic event takes the dispatch center out of service, direct notification by SEL -3010 Event Messengers in each station provides a decentralized backup alternative. The SEL-3010 can be applied with SEL communications processors, PLCs, or other devices to transmit text messages that make sense as spoken messages. For example, to send alarm messages derived from information in SEL Relays, use an SEL communications processor to collect the data, compose the message, and transmit it to the SEL-3010. Or connect the SEL-3010 to an EIA-232 port on a PLC and program the serial port module to send appropriate alarm messages. The SEL-3010 saves each message, dials a list of user-specified phone numbers, and when a phone is answered, speaks a greeting message. If the person answering the phone responds with an appropriate touch-tone response, the SEL-3010 delivers the messages. If there is no answer, or an answer but no touch-tone acknowledgment, the SEL-3010 moves to the next number in the list. If no one on the list answers and acknowledges receipt, the SEL-3010 waits and then tries again. The SEL-3010 Event Messenger requires few settings and is simple to apply. It is UL Listed and FCC Certified for use on public telephone networks and has an operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C. To see and hear the SEL-3010, visit the interactive demonstration web page at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) has been making electric power safer, more reliable and more economical since 1984. This ISO 9001-certified company serves the electric power industry worldwide through the design, manufacture, supply, and support of products and services for power system protection, control, and monitoring. For more information, contact SEL by phone (509) 332-1890; fax (509) 332-7990; or mail to 2350 NE Hopkins Court, Pullman, WA 99163-5603. SEL is online at

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