Auto Darkening Filter offer dual shade selection.

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Constructed with multiple-layer liquid-crystal filters, 3M(TM) Speedglas(TM) Model 9002D is suggested for MIG, Stick, and TIG welding at more than 20 A. It offers dual shade selection of 10-11 with light state shade 3 for visibility during welding preparation, cleaning, and inspection. Low or normal sensitivity setting is used with most types of welding, while high position provides arc detection for most TIG processes at amperages down to 20 A.

Original Press Release:

3M Introduces New Mid-Priced Auto Darkening Filter

(St. Paul, MN, September 1, 2006)-3M Welding has introduced the 3M(TM) Speedglas(TM) Auto Darkening Filter 9002D, a medium-priced unit designed to meet the needs of the professional or occasional welder.

3M says the 9200D filter sets a new standard for performance and clarity for price/value conscious customers.

Suggested for MIG, Stick and TIG welding at more than 20 amps, this versatile new filter offers dual shade selection (10-11) with light state shade 3 for excellent visibility during welding preparation, cleaning and inspection.

Two sensitivity positions are available. The "low" or normal sensitivity setting is used with most types of welding. The "high" position provides reliable arc detection for most TIG processes at amperages down to approximately 20 amps. For very low amperages or inverter TIG equipment, 3M recommends its 9002V or 9002X filters.
The 9002D filter fits with any Speedglas welding shield, allowing the flexibility to choose from multiple helmets including ones for respiratory protection. The helmets have patented features including exhalation vents, side windows and heat reflective silver front panels.

Durability of the unit is ensured through:
o Protecting the glass filter and circuits with a wide plastic cassette frame that resists twisting and bending
o Arching the protection plate for better impact resistance and less inward reflection
o Sealing buttons to keep out dirt and moisture

The 3M(TM) Speedglas(TM) Auto-Darkening Filter 9002D is available with a two-year warranty. The units are constructed with multiple-layer liquid-crystal filters custom made for Speedglas to provide superior control, optical quality and performance.

For more information about the Speedglas auto-darkening filter 9002D, or other Speedglas products, contact the 3M Customer Care Center, 1-800-328-1667. For technical assistance, call 1-800-243-4630 or click on

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