Authentication Chipset protects against counterfeiting.

Press Release Summary:

Providing secure authentication between systems and peripherals, DeepCover™ Chipset comprises DS2465 secure co-processor with integrated 1-Wire® master and DS28E15/DS28E22/DS28E25 1-Wire secure authenticators. DS2465 performs SHA-256 coprocessing to operate slave devices that provide SHA-256 authentication security. Physical tamper protection thwarts most probable security attacks at die level. By ensuring that only licensed peripherals are used with OEM equipment, chipset protects revenue stream.

Original Press Release:

DeepCover Chipset from Maxim Integrated Advances Secure Authentication Between Systems and Peripherals

Advanced tamper protection, a SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm, and a simple interface protect against counterfeiting and reduce implementation costs.

SAN JOSE, Calif., -- Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) announced it is now sampling a new chipset that provides the strongest levels of security when authentication of peripherals is necessary. As part of Maxim's DeepCover(TM) security products, the chipset comprises the DS2465 secure coprocessor with integrated 1-Wire® master and the DS28E15/DS28E22/DS28E25 1-Wire secure authenticators. This secure chipset protects a revenue stream by ensuring that only licensed peripherals are used with OEM equipment. Many applications in consumer, medical, industrial, and communications markets will immediately benefit from this security.

OEMs can ensure that the peripherals used with their equipment are genuine and meet their performance and quality standards. The DS2465 coprocessor, used with any of the 1-Wire secure authenticators, quickly identifies unlicensed after-market peripherals that are not approved for a system. An example application is a medical system for patient monitoring that uses replaceable sensors and peripherals. Using this DeepCover secure chipset, the medical device will verify that the attached medical sensors are authentic and approved by the device manufacturer, and thus deliver the performance and safety requirements demanded by the application.

Key Advantages

--  Advanced security: the DS2465 performs SHA-256 coprocessing to operate slave devices that provide SHA-256 authentication security; an integrated 1-Wire master communicates with 1-Wire slaves.

--  Design flexibility: the DS28E15/DS28E22/DS28E25 make it easy to add a device to a design with either the integrated 1-Wire IO of the DS2465 or one spare GPIO pin from a microcontroller or FPGA.

--  Comprehensive physical tamper protection: thwarts the most probable security attack at the die level.

--  Minimalist interface simplifies implementation and reduces costs: the 1-Wire interface requires only one dedicated contact to operate.

Industry Commentary

--  "Customers require secure authentication," said Scott Jones, Executive Director at Maxim Integrated. "You need an implementation that is cryptographically sound, but it must also withstand an inevitable attack and physical tampering to obtain keys and secrets. Maxim leads the way in this field by ensuring that sensitive information is protected with strong cryptography and state-of-the-art tamper protection."

--  "Maxim has been on a continuous path of improvement with die-level tamper protection for their secure authentication IC product line," said Christopher Tarnovsky, Vice President of semiconductor security services at IOActive and founder of Flylogic, an IOActive company. "These latest DeepCover SHA-256 devices illustrate that Maxim is serious about compromise attack protection."

Availability and Pricing

--  All products are specified over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

--  Contact the company to request pricing.

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