Auger Compactor handles high volume of corrugated waste.

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Electro-mechanical Komar EM Auger Compactor shreds and compacts corrugated waste directly into receiving bin at the rate of 2,000 lb/hr. Tapered auger screw compacts with compression rate up to 218,300 psi, generating corrugated payloads of 22,000 lb in 40 yd containers. Machines feature solid forged alloy shafts and high capacity roller bearings and are offered in .75-9 cu yd charge capacities with selection of open feed hoppers, enclosed plug-in dock hoppers, and chutes.

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Auger Compactors Specifically Designed for High Volume Corrugated Waste

Shredding action coupled with extreme thrust creates maximum container payloads, saving on transportation costs

Groveport, Ohio, January 19, 2006. Komar Industries' new corrugated auger screw is specifically designed to handle the constant flow of corrugated waste in high volume distribution facilities. Specialized wide pitch auger flights are engineered to shred corrugated as it pushes it into receiving containers to create maximum payloads with uninterrupted operation.

Komar auger compactors are found in industrial, institutional, and commercial facilities that typically use ram type compactors or balers to handle corrugated waste. One of the major problems the auger compactors address is chute jamming, caused when corrugated piles up in a conveyor fed chute while waiting for the ram compactor cylinder to retract. Corrugated begins to build up or "bridge" within the chute and has to be cleaned out before operation can continue. Clearing trash chutes increases labor costs and poses a serious risk of injury to employees. Auger technology allows for continuous shredding and compacting of corrugated, so there is no "cycle time", virtually eliminating chute jamming. The KOMAR EM Auger Compactor shreds and compacts corrugated waste directly into the receiving bin at the rate of 2,000 lbs/hour. The patented tapered auger screw compacts with a compression rate up to 218,300 lbs per square inch, generating corrugated payloads as high as 22,000 lbs in 40 yard containers.

The auger compactor is the newest revolution in waste processing technology, providing superior performance over conventional ram style compactors and pre-crushers. A Komar Auger Compactor totally destroys an item before it is compacted. Wood pallets are disassembled and splintered before being forced into the receiving container by the extreme thrust produced by the tapered flight of the rotating auger screw. The continuous auger action produces maximum payloads by filling every nook & cranny of the container. The shredding action of the auger compactor increases the density of plant waste, reducing the amount of air in the receiving bins. Reducing the air saves money on waste transportation costs. The sealed processing chamber keeps material in the compactor and not under the ram. The electro-mechanical auger compactor is easily maintained without the hydraulic messes created by traditional compacting equipment.

Komar EM Auger Compactors feature two types of auger screws. General Purpose (G) has wide pitch auger flights designed for corrugated boxes, wet waste, furniture and general plant waste with moderate wood waste. The second auger screw is specialized for wood (W) having smaller pitch, cast steel flights, with teeth, ideal for heavy wood waste such as pallets, wood crates, and materials that break and shatter, maximizing container weights. The heavy-duty compression auger is powered by a clean, quiet, and efficient low speed, high torque electro-mechanical drive. Auger machines feature solid forged alloy shafts and high capacity roller bearings. Units come in a variety of sizes and classifications to fit almost any application. Sizes range from .75 to 9 cubic yard charge capacity, with ample selection of open feed hoppers, enclosed plug-in dock hoppers and chutes. Machines are offered in Class 1 & 2 designs to meet customer application needs. Class 1 is ideally suited for intermittent service requirements such as retail stores, cinemas, grocery stores, shopping malls, hospitals, etc. Class 2 is for heavier usage with moderate shock loads such as distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, moving companies, municipalities, etc.

Custom installations include conveyor feeds and electro-mechanical cart dumping capability.

Leasing and rental terms are available on all equipment, as well as full service maintenance contracts.

For more information, contact Sheldon Smith, 4425 Marketing Place, Groveport, OH 43125; 614-836-2366; FAX 614-836-9870; or see Demo CD and customer testimonials are available upon request.

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