Audio Amplifier Controller delivers 10-50 W power levels.

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Acoustar(TM) ZXCW8100, 2-channel, 32-bit, end-to-end digital controller handles digital audio signals sampled at up to 192 kHz. It supports all common digital audio formats from SACD to DTS and produces pulse width modulated left and right channel outputs at frequency of 1 MHz. Amplifier provides dynamic range over 100 dB, completely removing hiss with noise floor of -125 dB. Device ID enables up to 4 devices to be used together in any one system.

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32-Bit Digital Audio Amplifier Sets New Standards for Sound Quality

Hauppauge, NY. . .In launching the Acoustar(TM) ZXCW8100 two channel digital audio amplifier controller, Zetex has created the world's first 32-bit end-to-end digital audio amplifier solution. Compatible with existing and emerging digital audio signal formats, the ZXCW8100 amplifier sets wide ranging new standards for sound quality.

With the ability to handle digital audio signals sampled at up to 192kHz and applying 32-bit data processing, the ZXCW8100 controller supports all common digital audio formats, from SACD to DTS. Pulse width modulated left and right channel outputs at a PWM frequency of 1MHz are produced. This results in minimizing RF switching interference, enabling significant advances to be made in audio performance.

A total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) performance of 0.02% at 1W into a 4 ohm load is achieved with the Acoustar(TM) solution, producing an audio quality superior to any other comparable digital amplifier. Where previous solutions have failed to attain a dynamic range of 90dB, the ZXCW8100 amplifier provides over 100dB and with a noise floor of-125dB, hiss is completely removed.

The Acoustar(TM) ZXCW8100 digital audio amplifier is a complete solution, comprising the controller IC, gate drivers, MOSFET H-bridge stage and output filters. Driven by the ZXCW8100's dual PWM outputs, a bridge tied loat output stage using Zetex own audio performance MOSFETs can deliver genuine audio power levels of between 10W and 50W of music.

Connected to a host controller by a simple 3-wire serial peripheral interface (SPI), the ZXCW digital audio amplifier controller is easily configured using a single 72-bit control word. This provides total control of all sound attributes via volume, bass, treble, mute and other functions.

To support 6 channel (5.1 home theatre) domestic DVD and in-car entertainment systems, the ZXCW8100 includes a device ID that enables up to four devices to be used together in any one system. As a result, three ZXCW8100 audio amplifiers are easily integrated for 5.1 systems, with four devices supporting emerging 7 and 8 channel systems.

Zetex is supporting the launch of the ZXCW8100 end-to-end digital audio amplifier solution with a full package of application support services.

The 1,000 piece price is $7.70 each. Delivery is 6-8 weeks in production volumes.

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Meeting the demand for greater power economy, precision and speed in analog circuit design, the broad Zetex product range comprises application specific linear ICs and discrete semiconductor devices in multiple package configurations.

As a specialist in analog technology, Zetex offers a diverse series of ICs that includes audio and video amplifiers and dc-dc converters. Its discrete component range features trench MOSFETs, bipolar transistors and diodes.

Headquartered near Manchester in the UK, Zetex has manufacturing and sales operations in Asia, Europe and the USA, and is supported by distributors in more than 45 countries ( The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telemetrix plc.

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