Audience Voice Processor Takes Commanding Lead in the Advanced Noise Suppression Market Delivering 30 dB of SNRI

Tests show handsets with Audience Voice Processor offer superior noise suppression compared to those from other leading handset vendors

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS - BARCELONA, Spain - February 16, 2009 - Audience - Hall 7, booth #7D50 - today announced that its Voice Processor takes a commanding lead in the advanced noise suppression market for mobile handsets, delivering 30 dB of Signal to Noise Level Reduction Improvement (SNRI).

Advanced noise suppression technology significantly reduces the impact of environmental noise on voice quality by isolating the voice signal from background noise sources such as traffic, nearby conversations, music, and a myriad of other distractors which expands the range of places and situations that can reasonably use their mobile handsets. Complete solutions will suppress stationary and non-stationary noise before sending the caller's voice over the network (transmit mode), but will also enhance voice quality by removing noise that comes from the far-end voice signal (receive mode) and provide voice equalization over the local noise environment.

"Consumers report that they often can't or don't use their mobile phone in city streets, public transportation, automobiles, restaurants, offices, homes, and many other everyday places because of ambient noise," said Peter Santos, CEO of Audience. "Audience has solved this problem by delivering an amazing 30 dB of noise immunity, enabling people to hear and be heard everywhere from their cell phones, even in the noisiest places."

Noise suppression is measured through both objective and subjective test methodologies. The objective methodology is outlined in ITU-T standard G.160 Appendix II. Audience used the G.160 test method to objectively evaluate the latest advanced noise suppression solutions available in the market from various popular handset manufacturers and compared their performance to a handset with the Audience A1024 Voice Processor. The results clearly demonstrated the superiority of Audience's noise suppression technology, which delivers 30 dB of SNRI. For information about the testing, go to to read the white paper that explains the metrics and shows the results of the test.

Audience will be holding subjective noise suppression comparisons with these same phones that operate on GSM networks at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in Hall 7, Booth #7D50. Show attendees are welcome to stop by the Audience booth and hear the difference between these various noise suppression solutions and rate them based on a subjective listening test.

Audience Voice Processors are the first custom ICs that are modeled after the most efficient and accurate auditory system, the human hearing system. By understanding the auditory pathway - from the cochlea to the brainstem to the thalamus and cortex - Audience is the first company to deliver a commercial product based on the science of Auditory Scene Analysis (ASA), or the grouping and processing of complex mixtures of sound. Because the Audience Voice Processor handles signals the way people actually perceive specific sounds, it is able to identify and suppress noise sources in an extremely efficient and accurate manner.

About Audience

Audience is a voice processor company that enables clear communications anywhere with noise suppression technology based on the intelligence of the human hearing system. The technology is applicable across a broad range of consumer products where voice needs to be intelligible in noisy environments and is already enabling people to be heard on mobile handsets throughout Japan and Korea. Audience was the Silver Winner in the 2008 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards and the Winner of the Semiconductor category. The company was included in Gartner's "Cool Vendors in Semiconductors, 2008" and selected as the Most Innovative True Mobile Start-Up for the "2008 GSMA Mobile Innovation Global Awards." Audience is one of 34 founding member companies of the Open Handset Alliance and the only one with advanced noise suppression technology. Audience, , is based in Mountain View, California.

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