Atreus Systems Selects Engate Technology for Preemptive, Connection-level Anti-Spam Security

San Jose, CA - Nov. 14, 2007 - Engate Technology Corporation, a leading anti-spam supplier and pioneer of next generation network profiling and connection management security solutions, today announced that Atreus Systems(TM), the leading supplier of telecommunications provisioning systems, has deployed Engate MailSentinel(TM) to preemptively stop new and evolving botnet threats from entering its network. Atreus chose Engate to eliminate the catch rate issues and high frequency of false positives that they were experiencing with its previous anti-spam solution.

According to Lawrence Chiabai, head of IT at Atreus Systems, the company's former anti-spam solution catch rates decreased to 70% with high incidences of false positives as new threats such as image spam, pdf spam, phish and botnet attacks began to overwhelm employee's inboxes. The increasing volume of spam was slowing Atreus' network traffic, wasting storage space, and straining IT resources as they were constantly being diverted to manage their spam and false positive issues.

"We chose Engate for their proven ability to permanently stop the high volume of new and progressive email threats that were consuming our network and IT resources," said Lawrence Chiabai, IT manager at Atreus Systems. "Engate eliminated 99% of our spam problem from day one with no false positives. Engate's unique ability to proactively stop the surge of threats like image spam, phish and botnet attacks before they reach our corporate email servers has delivered new cost savings in bandwidth and storage, as well as, improved efficiencies in throughput and latency."

"As experts in enterprise-class email security, we understand how important a scalable and reliable messaging infrastructure is to a growing enterprise like Atreus," said Al Powell, vice president Sales for Engate. "Atreus is a great validation of how Engate's network-level anti-spam solution can provide permanent protection for enterprises inundated with large volumes of spam. With our unique network profiling functionality, Engate is able to detect botnets the instant they appear and preemptively stop all varieties of email threats and dangerous attachments before they enter Atreus' network."

Next Generation Anti-Spam Solution for Enterprises
Engate's patented network profiling, anti-spam solution preemptively detects and permanently stops malicious and unwanted SMTP traffic at the protocol level. Engate achieves the highest accuracy in the market by uniquely profiling entire networks to detect protocol fraud and determines the legitimacy of a sender's message before transmission to the private network by segregating legitimate mail transfer agents from all other network hosts. Used as a standalone solution or to complement existing content filters, Engate helps organizations stop unwanted email traffic outside their network with 99% accuracy and virtually no false positives. Engate delivers incremental value to existing IT security investments resulting in new cost savings in bandwidth, storage and IT resources, as well as improved efficiencies in throughput, latency and employee productivity.

Fast, Easy and Risk-free Evaluation
Companies can sign up today for a free trial of Engate's breakthrough network layer anti-spam security. Registrants can sign up for a hosted trial evaluation in an easy-to-use virtual setting. This no-cost, fully-functional trial version is a fast, easy and risk-free way for organizations to evaluate Engate's preemptive anti-spam functionality. Register by visiting:

About Engate Technology Corporation
Engate Technology Corporation is a leading anti-spam supplier and pioneer of next generation network profiling and connection management security solutions for service providers and enterprises, and can be licensed to anti-spam software, security appliance, router, firewall, and unified threat management vendors. The company's flagship product, Engate MailSentinel(TM), delivers preemptive SMTP connection level protection against all messaging threats. Engate's Network Profiling Connection Management technology may be extensible to other protocols, such as Instant Messaging and Internet Telephony, delivering the best safeguard for today's and tomorrow's threats. For more information, contact Engate at 775.745.7151,, or visit the company's website at

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