Atomizing Nozzle eliminates need for compressed air.

Press Release Summary:

Stainless steel IceJet inlet cooling and evaporation nozzle utilizes whirl chamber that atomizes fluid without compressed air. Whirl chamber, coupled with micro-orifice, creates fine mist with droplet sizes of less than 30 microns each. Available in NPT version and straight-threaded version with O-ring seal locking mechanism, hydraulic nozzle delivers flow rates to .150 gpm @ 3000 psi and features built-in stainless steel mesh strainer.

Original Press Release:

Spraying Systems Co. Introduces New Icejet High-Pressure Hydraulic Atomizing Nozzle

IceJet drives major savings by eliminating need for compressed air

WHEATON, IL (May 20, 2004) Spraying Systems Company, the world leader in spray technology, has introduced the new IceJet (inlet cooling and evaporation) nozzle.

The stainless steel IceJet features a specially designed whirl chamber inside the nozzle that atomizes fluid without the need for compressed air. The whirl chamber, coupled with a micro-orifice, creates a very fine mist with extremely small droplet sizes - less than 30 microns each.

The IceJet can deliver a flow rate of .150 gallons per minute at 3000 psi. It features a built-in stainless steel mesh strainer.

Benefits include:

o Superior spray distribution

o Streak-free spraying

o No external parts that could break off or distort the spray

o Elimination of compressed air costs

o Major savings on energy costs

The IceJet is available in both an NPT version and a straight-threaded version with an O-ring seal locking mechanism.

Typical applications include:

o Turbine cleaning

o Humidification

o Special Effects

o Evaporative cooling

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