Atmo-Seal Engineering to Supply Key Components for the USS Intrepid Museum in NYC


Atmo-Seal Engineering, Inc., was recently awarded the contract for heat-traced hose for the USS Intrepid. The Intrepid, a WW2 Aircraft Carrier, is currently undergoing extensive restoration, before returning to be the star at NY's Sea, Air and Space Museum in November of 2008.

Atmo-Seal (based in Troy, Michigan) will provide all of the heat-traced hoses, valves and other hydraulic components for delivery of drinking water, pressurized fire suppression water and removal of sewage from the ship to the pier. The challenge was to design heated hoses, which can withstand the harshness of a New York winter while moving as the ship moves in the waters.

Atmo-Seal was selected to provide hoses due to their proprietary internal suspension system for heavy-duty hoses. This system allows for extremely heavy, large diameter and/or long hoses to be suspended in a manner which removes all internal stresses from end fittings and junctions; typically the weakest portion of a hose assembly. This internal suspension system will allow the hoses to flex, pitch and roll as the Intrepid reacts to tidal forces on Pier 86 in NYC. Applications for high-flex, heated and internally supported hose are widespread and can be utilized by the marine, food, transportation and petrochemical industries.

Atmo-Seal, an environmental company and supplier to United States EPA, has also incorporated dry-disconnects into the design of the sewage hoses, ensuring that the local waters will not be contaminated during routine maintenance. "Waste Water, drinking water and fire suppression aren't the most glamorous parts of this project, but you'd miss them in a heartbeat if they were not there." says Everett Carter, founder of Atmo-Seal Engineering. "We're honored to be trusted with such a critical component in this project."

Company Name: Atmo-Seal Engineering, Inc.

Phone: 248-528-9640


Contact Name: Everett Carter


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