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Chicago (USA)/Linsengericht-Altenhasslau (Germany), January 2008 - Atlas Material Testing Technology, a leader in weathering testing technology, will offer a series of training courses on weathering and the operation, calibration and maintenance of Atlas's testing instruments at multiple locations worldwide. The seminars and workshops are focused on individuals involved with designing, evaluating, specifying, selling or purchasing products that can be affected by exposure to light and weather, such as coatings, plastics, textiles and cosmetics.

"Product testing standards continually evolve, and so do manufacturing processes. Continuing education on weathering is vital to the many professionals who have key responsibilities related to product performance and durability," said Bruno Bentjerodt, Director of Client Education, Atlas Material Testing Technology, Linsengericht, Germany.

The following international events are scheduled for the first half of 2008:
Fundamentals of Weathering I+II, Heidelberg, Germany - 19./ 20. Feb. 2008
Fundamentals of Weathering I+II, Chicago, USA - 5./6. March 2008
Fundamentals of Weathering I+II, Lochem, Netherlands - 8./9. April 2008
Fundamentals of Weathering I+II, Paris, France - 10./11. April 2008
Fundamentals of Weathering I, Leipzig, Germany - 3. June 2008
Fundamentals of Weathering I+II, Chicago, USA - 18./19. June 2008

Ci4000/Ci5000 Weather-Ometer® workshop, Chicago, USA - 4. March 2008
Ci4000/Ci5000 Weather-Ometer workshop, Chicago, USA - 17. June 2008
Xenotest® workshop, Linsengericht, Germany - 4./5. March 2008
SUNTEST® workshop, Linsengericht, Germany - 7. March 2008

The basic, one-day Fundamentals of Weathering I and II seminars emphasize lightfastness and weathering durability testing techniques. These techniques include natural and accelerated outdoor exposure testing as well as laboratory accelerated methods and instruments.

The instrument workshops are structured such that the majority of the class time is spent working on the instruments. This hands-on format encourages participation and ensures that each student becomes comfortable with the particular instrument.

More information can be found on the Atlas' website

About Atlas Material Testing Technology
Atlas® is a recognized leader in material testing, offering a complete line of instruments and services for accelerated and natural weathering. The Atlas Consulting Group helps clients develop the best weathering processes for their products, as well as offers education and training courses worldwide. For accelerated laboratory and outdoor testing, Atlas Weathering Services Group has five laboratories and over 20 outdoor exposure sites around the world in a variety of climates, including desert, subtropical, high-altitude and corrosive. Atlas Material Testing Technology is ISO 17025 and ISO 9001:200 registered. Atlas products are designed and manufactured to conform to international, national and industry standard test methods including ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS and numerous others.

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