ATI'S New All-In-Wonder® Cards Feature Microtune Silicon TV Tuner

Newest Additions to ATI's Award-Winning Family of Multimedia PC Cards Deploy Microtune's Advanced Analog/Digital TV Tuner

PLANO, Texas--March 6, 2006--Microtune®, Inc. (Nasdaq:TUNE) today announced that ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX:ATY; Nasdaq:ATYT) has migrated to Microtune's high-performance MT2121 analog/digital tuner in the latest editions of ATI's All-In-Wonder® PC-TV cards. Leveraging consumer demand for digital television and 'watch and record' functionality, ATI's newest multimedia cards are engineered to raise the bar in PC-TV performance, versatility and quality.

ATI is a world leader in the supply of graphics, video and multimedia solutions for desktop and notebook personal computers, consumer electronics devices, digital televisions and video game consoles. ATI sells its PC video cards to consumers through retail and, as systems components, to OEM manufacturers. Microtune, the Tuner Company, is an innovative supplier of radio frequency (RF) silicon and subsystems products for consumer and automotive electronics markets, including HDTVs, PC-TVs, set-top boxes, cable modems and car TVs.

Microtune's MT2121 tuner is implemented in the following ATI products:

o All-In-Wonder® X1900, ATI'S Ultimate-Gaming Multimedia Card
Targeting gamers and multimedia enthusiasts alike, the
All-In-Wonder®X1900 ultimate-gaming multimedia card is
designed with the most advanced and complete set of features,
engaging and entertaining users with breakthrough performance
and quality.

o All-In-Wonder® 2006 PCI Express® Edition Multi-Function
Video Card
A multi-function video card, the All-In-Wonder® 2006 PCI
Express® Edition offers budget-minded consumers a wealth of
multimedia features -- gaming, FM radio and
watching/recording/pausing live TV--at an affordable price.

"ATI's new All-In-Wonder cards are designed to seamlessly converge PC and TV capabilities, providing consumers richer multimedia and entertainment options across the price/performance spectrum," said Paul Lypaczewski, Vice President & General Manager, Multimedia Business Unit, ATI Technologies Inc. "Our close working relationship with Microtune's IC group has enabled us to offer these exciting new products, rounding out our multimedia family of cards that spans nearly 10 years of market leadership."

"The tuner is key technology central to PC-TV convergence, which is pushing the envelope in the demand for higher-performance RF electronics that enable quality reception, reliability and viewing flexibility," said Albert Taddiken, Microtune's Chief Operating Officer. "ATI has selected our market-proven MT2121 tuner chip to deliver this leading-edge RF performance in the latest edition of its All-In-Wonder cards. We are proud of our long-term technology partnership with ATI and of its team's technical commitment to providing the best TV experience for consumers."

Microtune's MT2121 Analog/Digital TV Tuner
Microtune's MT2121, part of a suite of RF chips targeted for digital TV entertainment markets, enables a range of PC video and home-theater applications, including PC-TV, PC-PVR, FM radio and datacasting, as well as video-enriched multimedia for immersive gaming experiences. Supporting several worldwide reception standards, the tuners are engineered to deliver excellent picture and audio quality, dual-conversion tuner performance, and increased reliability. Their miniature size makes them ideal for space-constrained environments such as in the PC.

ATI Multimedia Products
ATI's All-In-Wonder entertainment products feature customizable TV, DVD, audio applications along with video editing tools. The MT2121 tuner enables the All-In-Wonder cards to instantly select one of 125 possible channels of analog cable or antenna television broadcast. The tuning of DVB-T digital television is also supported by the MT2121 on the European version of the All-In-Wonder cards.

About Microtune
Microtune, Inc. is a silicon and subsystems company that designs and markets radio frequency (RF) solutions for the worldwide consumer and automotive electronics markets. Inventor of the MicroTuner(TM) single-chip broadband tuner, Microtune offers a portfolio of advanced tuner, amplifier, and upconverter products that enable the delivery of information and entertainment across new classes of consumer electronics devices. The Company currently holds 59 U.S. patents for its technology. Founded in 1996, Microtune is headquartered in Plano, Texas, with key design and sales centers located around the world. The website is

Microtune, Inc., Plano

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