Astro Machine Works Introduces Our New EDM Capabilities

What better way to start the year than with new electrical discharge machining services (EDM) to add to our already long list of capabilities? How else to bolster our EDM offerings than adding the newest and latest in machines? With the introduction of the Sodick AQ5371 Wire EDM machine, Astro Machine is doing just that.

As EDM work has only been a service we have worked with for the past twelve to fifteen months, it is an area in which we would like to expand our expertise. Therefore, it was time for us to enhance the scope of our capabilities. With the Sodick AQ5371, our EDM services become faster and more accurate. Here are some additional features we can share:

Linear motors: This product range is specifically known for its linear motor technology. Linear motor drives allow for instantaneous data transmission and accurate positioning, and they eliminate any backlash or vibrations. Combined with a motion controller, the linear motors also provide high-speed cutting.

Advanced control panels: A combination of keyboard controllers, remote controllers, 3D solid model direct imports, and LP power supplies provides an advanced control panel for any user.

Automatic wire threading: This machine is equipped with a wire anneal function on top of the existing pipe jet. This allows for a range of threading options, without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

What are some of the specifics? With a maximum X, Y, and Z axes travels of 570mm x 370mm x 350mm, and maximum flush machining sizes of 770mm x 520mm x 340mm, our new EDM machine will bring us advanced skills, as well as greatly improve our EDM department. For more information, please call (717) 738-4281 or visit our website

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