ASTM Approves A New Automated Procedure D for D2983

Cannon Instrument Company announces the TESC-2983 for use in the new ASTM D2983 automated Procedure D

State College, PA. (PRWeb) July 08, 2019

CANNON Instrument Company, a State College based manufacturer offering a broad spectrum of high-quality, viscosity-related products and a variety of instruments for liquid physical property testing announced today that the TESC-2983 can now be used for the new automated Procedure D in ASTM 2983, “Standard Test Method for Low-Temperature Viscosity of Automatic Transmission Fluids, Hydraulic Fluids, and Lubricants using a Rotational Viscometer”.

The TESC-2983 is a fully-integrated thermoelectrically heated-cooled sample conditioner and rotational viscometer system that offers vastly improved precision (nearly 2 times better) with Procedure D over the other manual D2983 procedures. The system offers limited operator intervention compared to the other labor-intensive procedures. The TESC-2983 is a cost effective, ultra-compact design with low energy consumption (only 300 W power). Its small footprint conserves bench space and allows installation of multiple TESC systems providing redundancy and multiple temperature cycles. The Peltier solid-state cooling is environmentally friendly and does not require the use of hazardous CFC refrigerants or flammable bath fluids. The enclosed insulated sample chamber mitigates the effects of laboratory air temperature on the test. The TESC-2983 has pre-programmed test protocols for common lubricants (gear oil and automatic transmission fluids) which reduces instrument set-up time. The unit also measures and records viscosity at multiple speeds automatically. The easy-lift system of the TESC simplifies positioning of the viscometer head. To learn more about the TESC-2983 visit


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