Assured Automation ESD Series Emergency Shutdown Valves

Local and Remote Thermally Activated Shut-Off Valves for Process Control

CLARK, N.J., May 24,2017 - Any process that involves flammable or hazardous media includes an emergency shutoff to prevent the flammable media from feeding a fire and escalating the risk to property loss and personal injuries. Just as fire sprinklers trigger when the ambient temperature reaches a trigger temperature, emergency shutdown valves trigger to their failsafe closed position to stop flammables from traveling throughout the facility. Or in some cases, the emergency shutdown valves trigger to a failsafe open position, when the flammables are transferred to a safety container outside of the facility.

The instrumentation process may also require manual shutoff and PLC-controlled shutoffs in addition to the automatic thermal shutoff. Assured Automation’s ESD Series Emergency Shutdown Valves provide for all three types of shutoffs:

  • Local thermal shutdown for automatic shutdown in fire situations
  • Remote shutdown to isolate subsystems
  • Manual shutdown

Critical in refinery, terminal and distribution, these thermal shutoffs are also referred to as block valves, ESDV, Emergency Isolation Valves (EIV), or safety instrumented systems - automated block valves (SIS-ABV). Assured Automation’s ESD thermal shutoff is resettable, making it simple to test a complete shutoff and reset, eliminating the need for stroke testing. ESD tests are required by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. Additionally, ESDs are recommended for the following situations:

  • On high-pressure hydraulic lines with flammable media: If ruptured during a fire, the high-pressure can spray the flammable media, creating a flame thrower effect. To reduce this risk, ESDs are installed before flexible hosing on outlets to tanks and reservoirs.
  • On piping with flammable gas, liquids, solvents, alcohols or toxic fluids to and from tanks:

If pipes or fittings are damaged during a fire, ESDs isolate the tank’s content and prevent the flammable material from feeding the fire.

The ESD Series Emergency Shutdown Valves include:

  • 150F/300F fire safe flanged ball valve designed to the API 607-5 standard in stainless or carbon steel, in sizes from ½” to 8”
  • F Series spring return pneumatic actuators
  • Explosion proof solenoid valve
  • FM-approved FireChek® - a testable and resettable thermal shutoff

The assembly is available for actuation temperatures of 135°F, 150°F or 165°F.

Additional accessories are available, including limit switch for position feedback, manual override, and lock out device.

The ESD Series meets several fire safety guidelines and standards, including National Fire Protection Association NFPA 58, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106(b)(4)(iv)(c) Flammable Liquids, API 553, Paragraph 7.2.1.

The ESD Series provide automated safety protection or “functional safety” for transport fuels, propane, alcohol, and solvents processes. They are commonly used with backup generator systems, storage tanks, solvent lines, bio fuel plants, and hospital oxygen lines.

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