Asset Tracking System suits homeland security applications.

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Offering remote tracking and monitoring, TerraTrace(TM) provides real-time location and status information for both friendly assets and suspect vehicles. Onboard GPS communicates position coordinates and other sensor data through wireless GSM frequencies to secure data center where it is accessed by authorized users via secure Internet connections. Tracking hardware compiles up to several years of historical data whenever asset/target moves outside cellular network.

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Archetype Introduces Remote Wireless Asset Tracking Solutions For Homeland Security

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - November 30, 2006 - Archetype, Inc., a pioneer in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, today announced the commercial launch of an asset tracking system tailored for homeland security applications.

TerraTrace(TM) is a remote tracking and monitoring solution that provides real-time location and status information for friendly assets and suspect vehicles. TerraTrace uses a small onboard GPS tracking device, which communicates its position coordinates and other sensor data through wireless GSM frequencies to a secure data center. The data can be accessed by authorized users via a secure Internet connection.

"TerraTrace is the only tracking solution that has been awarded global enterprise certification across all tiers of the GSM cellular spectrum by Cingular and other global carriers," said Jason Cooner, chairman and CEO of Archetype, Inc. "This ensures reliable data links on more than 550 cellular networks in over 200 countries."

The tracking hardware automatically compiles up to several years of historical data whenever the asset/target moves outside a cellular network - for instance when mounted on shipping containers at sea. It immediately spools logged data up to the database as soon as it re-enters network coverage. Archetype also offers dual-mode and satellite-only data options for remote tracking and communication requirements.

"Our patent-pending technology allows TerraTrace to actively encrypt data transmissions from the tracking hardware," said Cooner. "It complies with U.S. Department of Defense Orange Book specifications and utilizes up to 2048-bit key National Security Agency-approved encryption mechanisms. Another patent-pending technology stores the data in a tamperproof offline data facility to ensure data integrity. As a result, the TerraTrace historical data can be used as court admissible evidence."

The tracking device is about the size of a deck of cards and weighs approximately three ounces. For covert tracking, it can be mounted inside or outside the vehicle and includes assisted-GPS technology to calculate the position without requiring a line of sight to the GPS satellites. A built-in lithium battery provides continuous untethered tracking. The update rate is adjustable to preserve battery life. For friendly asset tracking, the device can be wired into the vehicle's 12-volt DC power system. For personal tracking, it can easily be fitted on a tactical belt or even carried in a pocket.

Archetype's servers and IP infrastructure are designed with performance and security in mind. The mission-critical environment boasts complete redundancy for uninterrupted tracking 24-7. The data can be fed to an unlimited number of workstations through the secure IP portal. Additional collocation centers can also be employed based on application needs. Multiple firewalls and intrusion detection protect data as reliably as any financial institution. Regular security audits identify areas requiring additional attention. Furthermore, password protection, Verisign site certifications and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates protect data over the Web and can lock down account access to specific computer processors if needed.

About Archetype
Archetype, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Birmingham, Ala. Founded in 2002, the company has established a position as the leading developer of GSM-based, Web-enabled GPS tracking solutions for applications such as homeland security, logistics, enterprise resource planning and supply chain management.

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