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ServoPress System, Model 405/4000, features 100% in-process control and monitoring with 180 lb peak load and 115 lb continuous duty load. Industrial servo actuator offers up to 5.9 in. ram stroke and max ram speed of 11.8 ips, while spindle assembly features load cell and mechanical clutch. Equipped with .000004 in. resolution encoder, system uses precision ground ball screw with direct motor drive and has Windows-based OS.

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SCHMIDT Technology Introduces ServoPress Model 405/4000 Assembly System

Cranberry Twp., PA, May 17, 2004 - SCHMIDT Technology Corporation introduces its fourth ServoPress System - Model No. 405/4000. Similar to SCHMIDT's larger ServoPress assembly systems that feature 100% in-process control and monitoring, Model 405/4000 offers 180 lbs. peak load and 115 lbs continuous duty load, up to 5.9 inches of ram stroke and maximum ram speed of 11.8 inch/second. SCHMIDT ServoPress Systems, unlike other industrial servo actuators, are fully configured and plug & play ready. The spindle assembly is equipped with a load cell for measuring press force and a mechanical clutch to protect the drive system and servo motor in the event of a premature load. High-speed data transfer is realized by having the PDA (Process Data Acquisition) located only inches from where the process data is generated. The system uses a precision ground ball screw with direct motor drive and is equipped with a .000004" resolution encoder that provides ultimate close loop positioning accuracy.

The Windows-based operating system of Model 405/4000 provides simple, application-specific process data management for either single or multiple workstations. To significantly reduce tooling setup time, many application settings can be stored in the HMI-PRC-4000 Control System. The SCHMIDT process monitoring software simplifies the setup of force over distance and stroke monitors. The patented SCHMIDT MOVTol (Move Tolerance) accommodates varying part heights. To ensure pressing accuracy and repeatability, the monitoring software will compensate for the dynamic yield of both the assembly components and the structural frame holding the ServoPress module. The ServoPress 405/4000 is available as either a modular package that provides custom machine builders with a ready to install turnkey solution or as a complete assembly cell workstation with light curtain guarding, safety circuit and operator interface.

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