Assembly Monitor offers true error-proofing capability.

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Model TS III(TM) Qualifier eliminates many common fastener-related assembly errors. Integrated power supply can be used with dc brush or brushless screwdrivers. When used with electric torque control driver, it can determine if each screw in assembly has been inserted, driven to full depth, torqued to designated value, cross threaded, or stripped. Automatic calibration allows unit to learn-on-the-job by monitoring and remembering proper fastener profiles.

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New Assembly Error-Proofing System with Integrated Power Supply Announced

Assures Correct Assembly; Affordable for Any Sized Assembly Operation

CLEVELAND, OH- October 18, 2004- ASG, a division of Jergens, Inc., has announced a new Assembly Process Monitor. The new TS III(TM) Qualifier assembly process monitor can eliminate many common fastener-related assembly errors. When used with ASG's brushless BL Series tools, error-proofing capability similar to angle encoding can be achieved.

The Qualifier's integrated power supply has reduced the overall system cost, making it affordable for any sized assembly operation. It can be used with DC brush or brushless screwdrivers supplied by ASG as well as many others. When used with an electric torque control driver, it can determine if each screw in an assembly has been 1) inserted, 2) driven to full depth, 3) torqued to its designated value, 4) cross threaded, or 5) stripped.

The TS III device is exceptionally easy to set-up. Its automatic calibration feature allows it to "learn-on-the-job" by monitoring and remembering proper fastener profiles at the push of a button. No extra equipment (such as a computer) is required.

Additionally, the TS III has two features that broaden its capability. It can monitor if washers or gaskets have been omitted from a fastener. Also, it can be programmed to be used with automatic screw feeders.

The Qualifier provides true error-proofing capability. In addition to monitoring the variables listed above, unauthorized program changes are prevented by password/key protection.

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